The ‘great shoe hunt’ isn’t so much fun these days

I’m a little irritated this week with my 3-year-old’s constant search for shoes. Gavin literally loses his shoes every single day, and it’s getting on my nerves.

I don’t know what is so hard about putting shoes away once he’s done wearing them, but he cannot seem to do it. Every day after school, he runs into the house and starts changing his shoes, and his clothes. He loves to play with shoes that are too big for him to wear.

Usually he gets into Cameron’s cleats, and traipses around the house in them. Sometimes he wears his daddy’s boots. He’s even tried to wear my tennis shoes too.

In the process of all this playing, his shoes that he actually wears every day get tossed aside and lost.

The next morning we go on “the great shoe hunt.”

Tuesday morning, we couldn’t find his shoes for school. Jimmy had to find other shoes for him to wear that day because we could not find the ones he wore the day before. It was very irritating, but it reminded me of Cameron, who could not keep up with his shoes at that age either.

I can remember hunting all over our house for Cameron’s shoes. Now we are doing that with Gavin’s. When I became pregnant with Gavin, I dreaded potty training. Looking back, I should have dreaded “the great shoe hunt.”

It’s not just shoes for Gavin. We find ourselves hunting up socks as well. When he went to daycare, he’d come home with no socks because he’d taken them off and hid them somewhere.

We used to joke that the monster in the washer and dryer would steal our socks, but the monster is no match for Gavin – he loses them in broad daylight when he’s supposed to be wearing them.

I know one day we are going to look back and miss the time we spent hunting shoes and socks, but when it’s making you late for school or work, it’s no laughing matter.

I just hope when they grow up and have kids, Cameron and Gavin have little boys or girls that cannot keep up with their socks and shoes. Then I’ll just sit back and let them pay for their raisin’.

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