Advance sports editor back at work after battling cancer

The Advance is pleased to welcome sports editor Danny Scott back after a nearly seven-month absence, during which he underwent treatment for osteosarcoma, a type of bone cancer.

The cancer was found in a tumor atop Scott's left humerous, the large upper arm bone, where it met the shoulder joint. Scott initially took a series of three chemotherapy treatments to shrink the tumor, then had reconstructive surgery on his shoulder. After recovering from that procedure, he took an additional four chemo treatments.

He was given the go-ahead to return to work this week and started back on Friday.

"We are so happy to have Danny back with us, and are pleased that he is returning just in time for football season," said Advance publisher Tom White. "I know our readers will be glad to have Danny resume his thorough coverage of local sports. We appreciate our readers who sent us photos and stories to help us stay on top of what was going on in Danny's absence, and we especially appreciate Darrell Orrell and Lauren Brewer for their help in covering his beat."

Scott, for his part, was happy to be back at the sports desk and ready to get back into the swing of things.

"I'm glad to be back and looking forward to the coming football season," Scott said. "I'm just glad to be working again. It's been a long seven months."

Scott received a good prognosis following a recent CT scan.

"My oncologist said the scan was clean, so we know it didn't spread," Scott said. "He said the odds of a recurrence are less than 30 percent. You never know for sure, but I'm hopeful this is all behind me and I can get back to doing what I love."

He also thanked the people of Monticello for their support. Scott said he received cards, letters and e-mail from people he'd never even met.

"It was pretty humbling," he said. "I got mail from readers who didn't even know me but took the time to write me a letter or send me a card offering encouragement. The baseball folks at MHS even raised some money to help me with my medical bills. The outpouring of concern was a big deal for me and my family, because it was a difficult time. I don't know if I can thank everyone enough.

"Monticello has always been good to me, and I just want to try and serve the community as best I can."

<p>Sports editor Scott back at work</p>


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