I hope we all remember the real reason for Memorial Day and honor our veterans.  We have many in Barkada who served - some in WWII, some in Korea and some in Vietnam and later.  I think we all know or have family who have served in Iraq. At the present time, I have a nephew in Iraq and a great nephew in Afghanistan. To all of them, we give our thanks for all you are doing and have done for all of us.

Monday night the Andrews Chapel Cemetery Association held its yearly meeting at the community room of Andrews Chapel Church. While attendance was not large, the number of people sending in their proxies shows there are still lots of people interested in the cemetery and its upkeep. Many thanks to each and every one of them. The board of Andrews Chapel Cemetery Association held a meeting to elect officers right after the general meeting. We appreciate each and every one who serves on the board, sends donations, or helps with the upkeep of the cemetery in any way. With everyone's help I think we have one of the nicest kept cemeteries around.

Fred and Patricia Kulbeth are having a big time right now. All 10 of their children and their spouses are here to help Fred celebrate his birthday. I know they will all have a wonderful time. So, happy birthday, Fred, and many more.

The Wilmar High School class of 1959 held its 50-year reunion Thursday night at Cowboy’s. I am not sure how Pat Leggett and I graduated then because neither of us are old enough. Those attending were Pat Leggett,  Mable Merritt, James and I from Barkada, Robert Owens, Geraldine Woods Rawls,  Diddle and Wanda Cummings Young of Wilmar, Louise Lasiter Jolley of Corinth, and Myra Burks Hatley,  and Jerry Webb of Monticello. Wiley and Susan Barron of Heber Springs had planned on attending but he called Pat Thursday afternoon and said he wasn’t feeling up to driving. We missed him. Miss Mable taught all of us typing, and some of us bookkeeping and shorthand. She was also the girls' basketball coach. She still looks younger and has more energy than any of us.  It was good getting to see everyone and looking back over old pictures from when we were in school and on our senior trip. Time does fly. Our class has been lucky.  We have only lost one member of our graduating class, and that was Janice Cockrell McKinstry last year. She was the youngest member of our class. We all miss her.

We received two inches of rain from yesterday afternoon until it stopped raining this afternoon. That puts us over 20 inches for the month of May.

Get well wishes go out to Wanda Reaves of Wilmar, who will be having knee replacement surgery early this week.

Condolences to the family of the young man who drowned in Lake Monticello. His brother also drowned a few years ago.  They were the grandsons of Jake Nave, who worked for Curry’s Termite for years and years.

I received an unexpected e-mail this week. Beverly Burks, editor of the Advance, forwarded an e-mail from a former school mate who had read my column and wanted my e-mail address. It was James Barnes Jr., who attended Wilmar School. He now lives in Canada.  His sister, Edith Pipes, lives in Warren. He left Wilmar in 1957 to join the Army and I think made a career of it. He said he has only been back three or four times since then. Jim, as he is called now, said that he keeps up with things through the news and that he recognized several names in my column as ones he went to school with. You never know who is going to be reading what you write and what it may mean to them.  I know lots more people are able to read it now since it is online.  It was good to hear from him and I appreciate his kind words.

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