Bostian charged with felony theft

Just months after being acquitted by a jury in Drew County Circuit Court of all charges in connection with the death of his 8-week old son, Ridley, Jackey M. Bostian, 28, of Monticello,  found himself in trouble with the law once again last week.

Bostian was arrested and charged with theft of property over $5,000 and theft of a firearm.

He allegedly took items including jewelry, a gun and other items from the home where he was taking care of an animal while its owner was in the hospital.

The son of the victim also stated to authorities that property was missing from his residence as well.

He was placed under arrest by the Drew County Sheriff’s Department and booked into the County’s detention facility, where he has since been released on a $2,000 bond.

Authorities said that Bostian has been cooperative with the investigation and many of the items have been returned.

Sighs of relief came from Bostian’s family and screams of horror from his ex-wife, Jessica Morris, and her family filled the courtroom in January after Circuit Judge Sam Pope read the verdict of not guilty on the count of first-degree murder and, then, on the count of first-degree battery.

Bostian and his defense attorney Sara Hartness were asked by Pope to approach the court. Pope told Bostian was free to go without bond because he was found not guilty of both charges.

According to court documents, investigators alleged and the prosecution argued that Bostian caused serious physical injury to his son on Feb. 8, 2011, which caused his death on Feb. 16.

Bostian was arrested one year later on Feb. 7, 2012.

According to Chief Medical Examiner Charles Kokes’ report included in the case file, the infant had several closed head injuries including acute subdural hematoma with early healing changes; subarchnoid hemorrhage; subperiosteal hemorrhage, superior parietal bones; and healing hemorrhage. The report also noted several healing fractures on the right side of the infant’s body.

According to the timeline of events created by former Arkansas State Police agent Clayton Moss in the case file, the child was in the care of his maternal grandmother, Patty Morris, until Bostian was fired from his job. Bostian was then Ridley’s caregiver while the baby’s mother, Jessica Bostian, attended classes at UAM.

The Advance Monticellonian will have more information on the new charges against Bostian as it becomes available.

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