Celebrating Dr. Seuss’ birthday was a blast

I had such a great time following the Cat in the Hat Monday morning. The Cat visited Drew Central Elementary School students. It was so much fun seeing the excitement on the kids’ faces when they saw the Cat come into their classrooms. It was a blast to see them hug on the Cat.

It was obvious that the students had found a love for the Cat in the Hat, which is Dr. Seuss’ best known character.

When I was growing up, I read all the Seuss books like everyone else, but my absolute favorite was the “Grinch who stole Christmas.” I loved this book and I watched the TV special every year. I especially loved it when the Grinch gets a heart full of love and starts to love the special holiday. I loved the movie as well. It was fun to see my favorite characters come to life.

If you pay close attention, the Seuss books teach us all lessons, or morals if you will. “The Cat in the Hat” teaches us to mind our parents, the “Grinch” taught us to love Christmas and “Horton” taught us that “a person is still a person no matter how small.”

I loved the stories so much that I bought my children the books. While Jordan and Cameron latched onto the Disney characters more, Gavin loves Dr. Seuss, especially “Green Eggs and Ham.” I must have read the book to him a million times. I can almost recite it with my eyes closed.

Jimmy and I are thinking Gavin would love Seuss Landing at Universal Studios, where all Seuss’ characters come to life. There is even a dining establishment called Green Eggs and Ham, and a playground called “If I ran the Zoo.” I think Gavin would have a great time at Seuss Landing. Jordan and Cameron loved it when they were little. It made them want to read the books even more.

Gavin loves for us to read to him since he’s a little young to be reading by himself just yet.

The visit with the Cat is just one example of how today’s educators make learning fun. It excites me to see how much fun students have while learning.  I tell my boys learning doesn’t have to be boring. It can be fun and exciting.

Read Across America is a week dedicated to instilling the love of reading in younger students. During the course of this week, schools across the nation will celebrate the birth of Dr. Seuss while helping students learn to read.  I cannot imagine a world where there is no Dr. Seuss. I am so glad he was born and choose to write these wonderful books. Without them, we would not be the same.

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