Council vote splits again, Mayor Rogers breaks tie

Turmoil continued at Monticello City Hall Tuesday night as Mayor Joe Rogers was called upon once again to cast a deciding vote in their regularly scheduled monthly meeting.

Rogers final vote came after a motion was made to approve the recommendation of newly hired attorney C.C. “Cliff” Gibson III to hire Mizan Rahman, P.E., of ETC Engineers and Architects of Little Rock to provide engineering expertise and experience in representing the city in its contract with Siemens, Inc.

Voting for the hire were Aldermen Cedric Leonard, Raymond Hubbard, Al Peer and Beverly Hudson. Voting against the motion were Aldermen Joe Meeks, Carolyn Brown, Tim Chase and Claudie Hartness.

Just two weeks ago the council tabled a vote to hire ETC Engineers for multiple reasons including concerns raised by Hartness on prior experiences with the firm, council members concerns of moving into an agreement too quickly and not doing its due diligence of finding the most qualified candidate for the position.

This comes on the heels of the Oct. 15 meeting, where the same vote occurred in moving forward with hiring Gibson as additional counsel.

On Oct. 22, Gibson sent a letter to Siemens, Inc. claiming that they (Siemens) failed to “provide legally required Contractor Performance and Payment Bonds,” and to “provide a letter of credit, cash in escrow, Multiyear security bond and/or third party-credit rating” when it entered into contract with the city of Monticello.

Gibson’s letter gives Siemens 10-days from the date of the letter to reply.

Contrary to what was stated at the Oct. 15 meeting, representatives from Siemens were not in attendance at Tuesday night’s meeting.

The Advance-Monticellonian will continue to follow this situation closely and report when more information becomes available.

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