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Chris riley

Since my last news, two people have quit the walk of life.

J.D. Lambert, whose homegoing service was held at 1 p.m. today at the Pilgrim Rest A.M.E. Church, where minister Greg Nettles is pastor. Ms. Eunice Shaw, of Crossett, also passed and her homegoing services will also be held at 1 p.m. today at the Phillip Grove M.B.C., which is located just south of Hamburg, where she was a member. She was also a member of the Southeast Singing Convention.

Zenobia Noble and I attended the concert of the Atmosphere in Bryant on Saturday, where elder Kevin Riley is producer. The group consists of Tina Riley Johnson, and daughter ‘Brie’, and Renata Jones, D. Goodwin and Kevin Riley. The program was co-hosted by Torry Dulaney and Sheree Evans. The concert was held at Victory Fellowship Church in Bryant and also included the Throw-Back Choir and Praise Dancers and the Promise land Dance Ministry. There were many in attendance and we had a blessed and glorious time in the Lord.

A surprise birthday party was held for Rose Smith Brown on Saturday at the Ethel Hawkins Center in Monticello and there were many in attendance. Zenobia and I dropped by for a minute en route to Bryant.

Happy birthday wishes to ‘Jet’ Riley, March 12, Eric Lamb, March 13, Avion Gardner, March 14, and Ann Gardner, March 16, and a belated birthday wish to Herbert Ragland.

Ordination services for Hardy Rhodes Jr. were held on Sunday at the Morning Star M.B.C., where minister D. J. Buffington is pastor and minister Walter Witherspoon presided. Rhodes’ mother, aunts and other family members attended. Minister Witherspoon’s sermon was taken from Acts 6:1-4 with the message ‘Chosen to Serve.’

In the afternoon I attended the 95th Church Anniversary of the Mt. Tabor M.B. Church, where minister Ronald Shay Gillespie is pastor and minister Ricky Lattimore and the TAB Church of Dermott were the guests. Minister Lattimore’s sermon was taken from John 13:12-17, 34-35 with the subject of ‘Commanded to Love and Committed to Serve.’ The sub-topic was ‘How Deep is your Love.’

After worship service, Pastor and Sister Lattimore treated his church family to dinner at Mazzio’s. I was included and we very much enjoyed the food, fellowship and fun. Thanks to the Lattimores for including me as we go back a ways. My daughter Tina and the aforementioned were very dear friends when Tina lived in McGehee.

Correction from last week’s news; the young man that passed away (Erma J. Jones’ nephew) was the son of Erma’s sister Vernisteen and used to come down to Wilmar and played the piano at Greater Shady Grove.

Prayers continue for ‘Dot’ Jones, who is in a Little Rock hospital. Dorothy Sue and Zenobia visited her on Sunday.

I was also glad to see that ‘Popeye’ Riley is out of the hospital. Congratulations to Chelsey Rhodes in being selected Freshman of the Year in the Gulf South Conference for Delta State University in Cleveland, Miss. One of Chelsey’s friends accompanied her home for the weekend. The Delta State women’s basketball team will be traveling to Florida this week to play.

Now, until we meet again by paper and pen, remember that winners develop the habit of doing those things that losers refuse to do.



Ivanell Handley

Happy birthday to Darius Warren, March 16, Rosie L. Gray, March 17, Claudia Handley, March 18, Bobbie Jean Miller, March 20, and Pastor Miller, March 20.

Sympathy and prayers to the families of Mr. J.D. Lambert and others who have lost a loved one.

Prayers for the sick and shut-in including, Betty Chapman and Etta Caperton. Mrs. Caperton called me Saturday morning and we had a nice, long conversation.

My friend Debbie Nimmer called from Dermott Sunday afternoon and my grandson, Darnell, called Friday evening.

Floyd and I spent a few days in Sherwood and I had some doctor appointments. As I came out of the hospital, I met Don Jiles, Margaret Daniel’s grandson.

Dennis Thurman did his good deed for the community last week when he broke up Floyd’s garden and some others. He is a good neighbor. Floyd is having some trouble with his back.

Prayers for Pastor Stewart as he had surgery last week. He will go back into the hospital this week. The Lord has blessed him to get out on Saturday.

Promise Land Baptist Church were the guest at Brooks Chapel on Sunday morning. It was their Family and Friends Day Program. Pastor Terrance Stewart was the speaker of the hour and his thoughts were taken from Proverbs 18:24, ‘A Friend in the Family.’ It was a blessed word.

Sunday, March 17, at 3 p.m., Family and Friends Day will be held at Promise Land Baptist Church in Lacey. The guests are the St. Peters Rock in Dumas family. The Promise Land family invite everyone to attend.

Thought for the week: In all circumstances we can give thanks that God has not left us on our own.

Vinegar Hill

Mae Cavaness

“Sing praises to God, sing praises, sing praises unto our King,” — Psalms 47:6

Mae Cavaness and her great grandchildren have been very sick with the flu. But, thanks be to God we are doing much better and able to return to work and school.

Sorry that J. D. Lambert passed away on March 5, 2013, and was funeralized on March 13 at Pilgrim Rest A.M.E. Church and buried in Campground Mt. Pleasant Cemetery.

Mae Cavaness, Adyra and Damarian attended church at Gethsemane M.B.C. Church on Sunday. We had a beautiful Sunday School lesson entitled, ‘The Kingdom of God: Have Mercy,’ — Daniel 9:4-14. The lesson was well taught by Mr. Freddie Loggins.

The Southeast District Singing Union No. Three had their planning meeting on March 3, 2013, at Promise Land M.B. Church. The Southeast District Singing Union No. Three will convene with Gethsemane M.B.C. on March 29-31.

Ms. Eunice Shaw passed away on March 7, 2013, in a Louisiana hospital. She was a faithful officer of the S.E.D. Singing Union No. Three and a missionary of the Southeast Baptist Convention. She will be funeralized today at New Bethel M.B.C. in Crossett. Mae Cavaness would like to thank everybody who called that missed my news last week.

I just heard that Roman Ried passed away. He and I attended school together.  

Happy that Ms. Daniels and Ms. Mozella Jacobs are home and doing much better after a night’s stay in the hospital.

In memory of the late Alvin Ashford, Mae Cavaness’ brother whose birthday was March 9. Pearlene Braler will be traveling to Little Rock to spend some time with her niece, who is having surgery.

The pastor anniversary for Rev. and Mrs. Richardson was well attended Sunday evening. The word was well preached, the choir sang and a delicious meal was served.

Our prayers are with Maurine Block and Dorothy Jones, who both were in the hospital. Happy birthday to all who have birthdays in March.

Ms. Ernestine Stanley was unable to attend church on Sunday. The Gethsemane M.B.C. family really missed her presence.

I hope everyone has a blessed week.


Green Hill

Fay and May

Sunday was a bad weather day for church services but we made it out for two services.

May Hobbs received a phone call from Billy Ray Hobbs of California last week. He is the son of the late Bill Hobbs. It is good hearing from you Bill so call anytime.

Cindy McKinstry, of Little Rock, was in Green Hill this weekend. Cindy, it is good to see you every time.

Mary Lou Lawson had the Jerry Lawson family, of Mississippi, Kenny and June Lawson, of Russellville,  and the Donny Lawson family all for lunch on Saturday. Neta visited later in the day.

Hardy and Liz McKinstry, Tony, Jennifer, Zac and Alex, and Cindy, of Little Rock, ate out on Friday in Star City to celebrate Hardy and Cindy’s birthdays.

Roxanne Karnes came down to Green Hill on Thursday for a visit with her mother, Leola Pace.

Danny, Gary and Jeff ate squirrel breakfast with Homer and Neta on Wednesday morning.

Bobby Joe and Daisy Pace, of Hernando, Miss., visited his four aunts, Faye, May, Cleora and Louise, on Wednesday. It was good to see them and have them in our homes.

Visiting at the Cockreal’s camp this weekend were Robert and Betty Hodges, of Whitehouse, Texas, Greg, Jennifer, Austin, Ashlyn, and Anna Davis, Hayley and Dax Sledge, Sarah and Hugo Mirivel, Cindy Mckinstry, all of Little Rock,Jimmy Cockreal, Tony and Alex Mckinstry.

Natalie Lawson celebrated her fourth birthday with a party at her home Saturday morning. Many friends and family attended.

Steve Berryman had a visit with his doctor last week. He got a good report and was feeling better on Sunday.

Bobby Joe and Daisy Pace, of Hernando, Miss., visited Homer and Neta Wednesday morning.

Those visiting Robert and Betty Hodges were; John Hodges, Judy Grorgine, Sherry Wallis and Bill Hodges.

Louise Barnes said hello to everyone. She has had a bad cold and went to the emergency room on Saturday where she got a shot and is feeling a little better.

Those attending the surprise party for Melanie Adair, Jimmy Cockreal’s daughter, Saturday night were; Hayley and Dax Sledge, Jennifer Davis, Sarah Mirivel and Cindy Mckinstry, all of Little Rock; Michaela Wedige, of North Little Rock; Dalton Wedige, of Rye; Jennifer Mckinstry and Jimmy Cockreal.



Jana Wright

I am waiting on pins and needles for this week to be over. I know I am wishing my life away, but I am ready for Spring Break. No, I do not have big plans, and I am not planning a big trip; I am just looking forward to resting and relaxing and trying to de-stress my brain and body. I hope the weather next week is conducive to outdoor activities.

My thoughts and prayers are with the family of Lisa Calhoun. I knew Lisa personally, and she was such a beautiful and sweet lady. I will be thinking of her family and friends during this very difficult time. I would also like to extend my sympathies to the families of Dylan Dannehl and to the family of Tommy Barnes. I know that you all have a huge hole in your heart that will never be filled, but hopefully you can find comfort in God’s love and strength.

I am glad to hear that Kelsey Wooten is out of the hospital. She had a bout with dehydration last week. Also, I am glad that Olivia DeArmond is out of the hospital and out and about.

I appreciate my Uncle Don Martin coming down and cutting some trees for me. I am so unobservant that I did not even notice it until Shawn pointed it out. It is so awesome to have family, not just to help us out when we need it, but to make our lives better in general. This is a valuable lesson I have learned as I have gotten older.

Speaking of which, Shawn’s cousin, Steven Barnett and his daughter, Laney, were in for a visit from Plano, Texas. He said it has been 14 years since he had been to Monticello. He observed that it had changed a lot since the last time he had been here. He and Donald Barnett came out for a visit Saturday afternoon. Then Sunday we met at Q and Y for a small family gathering. Those present were Judy Jenkins, Jane Warren, Louise Russell, David and Kay Ozment; Bobby and Christy Roberts; Stacy, Shana, Elizabeth, and Seth Wilson; Shawn and me, Dustin Barnett, Ashley VanLandingham, Donald and Linda Barnett; Steven and Laney Barnett; Chris, Darla, Rachel, and Maggie Barnett, and Jerry Clemens. I hope I did not forget anyone. Sorry, Laney if I misspelled your name.

Kevin Ferrell has started another racing season. I wish him good luck.

Happy late anniversary to James and Eddie Brown. They celebrated their anniversary on March 9th. Also happy late 50th anniversary to Robert and Martha Ryburn. Their anniversary was March 5th. Their children honored them with an anniversary celebration on Saturday (9th) at Rosehill Baptist Church. From the pictures that I saw, it looked like a very lovely event. I wish both couples many more happy years together!

Happy late birthday to Maddie Searcy and Judd Meeks! Happy birthday to Melanie Adair (Mar 14th), Jonathan Adams, (Mar 15th) my cousin, Brandon Nicholson, (Mar 16th), my aunt,  Margaret Tucker (17th), and my father-in-law, Bubba Wright  and Michelle Carter, (Mar 20th) and my sweet sister-in-law, Shana Wilson and Anita Stafford (Mar 21st). I hope you all have/had happy birthdays!

Annika Nichols had an 8th birthday celebration on Saturday the 9th. The kiddos all went bowling. It looks like they all had a blast!

Sheena and Amanda Tucker enjoyed a day at the race track in Hot Springs last Saturday. At last count, she was not really ahead but not too far behind.

Koby Bayliss, Kelly Gilliam, and I went to the Junior Auxiliary Bingo game last Friday night. I won a whole $12.50. I did not spend it all in one place either.

Have a great week! Sorry to the person who had random calls last week. The number is 870-224-3383 or e-mail


Possum Valley

Kay Craig Malan

Howdy from Possum Valley y’all!

I need to mention another March birthday. My son-in-law, Tim Wilson’s birthday is on the 12th. Happy birthday, Tim!

Had big brother, Randy, over for supper last Saturday night. He had driven his tractor over, earlier that day and helped us prepare some ground for a garden.

Dave spoke to Mr. Eddie on phone last Monday night about maters and peppers. He and Leona have the family in full ‘mater mode’ trying to get all those seeds planted and in the hot house.

I was so happy to hear that Regina Wilson received a good report after her surgery.

Oops! I missed another March birthday! Happy Birthday to Bro. Roy Craig whose birthday is on the 13th. He and Marjorie are home and so glad to be there.

My Aunty Letty and I are planning a birdwatching trip to Lake Maumelle on Friday. The report of our activities will be in next week’s column.

Dave and I took advantage of the nice day on Saturday to do more work on our garden spot. We also planted a couple of plum trees. Brother Randy helped us move some Purple Martin houses from down at Momma and Daddy’s to the bank of our pond. I’m hoping they’ll like this location better. I’ve been trying to get Martins to move in for years and have had no luck. What’s your secret sister Carole?! Jason walked over for a visit awhile Saturday morning. Dave and I drove to Pine Bluff and enjoyed a delicious meal at Red Lobster then, of course, we had to go to Lowe’s, too. Got some more knobs and pulls for the kitchen cabinets. We’ve almost got them all now.

Bethel’s services were inspiring! It was especially good to see Roy and Marjorie feeling well enough to attend. Regina Wilson was back and feeling better, too. We were blessed with a special song from the men’s quartet plus Cheryl who sang “Jesus Hold My Hand.’ Bro. Kevin’s message was from John 1:10-14 “How Do You Treat Jesus?”

Bethel is working hard on their Easter program. This year we are presenting a dramatic presentation of “The Easter Song” and would love to invite you to come join us for Easter morning services and watch us present the true meaning of Easter in song and drama. 

Prayers going out to those who are suffering illness and the loss of loved ones.

That’s the news from Possum Valley for this week. Hopefully, I’ll get news from someone other than myself and my family for next week’s column. In the meantime, be safe, be happy and be kind to everyone you meet.

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