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The bird of the week is the Hummingbird! I’ve had more hummers this year than I’ve had in several years. I’m not sure what the deal is but I’m not complaining...too much. As I watch these hyper, combative, greedy little members of the avian world I can’t help but think of my Daddy. He loved to make the nectar to feed them and was almost fanatical about making sure those feeders were kept filled. It is a pain to keep the nectar made up and ready to fill the feeders but I never tire of watching them.

The word of the week is FALL! Those who know me are well aware that Fall is my favorite season of the year. Primarily because of the cooler temps which we had in spades on Friday and Saturday. It sure made working outside much more pleasant. Secondly, I love Fall because bird migration is just around the corner. Soon, I’ll be able to report more bird activity to you.

I would like to take a line or two to give a great big thank you to Clint, Kim and David Eubanks. They not only mowed the church yard this week but upon seeing that the fire station yard needed some work they graciously took care of it as well. They did an exceptional job and we are grateful for their help.

Friday, Dave and I both took the day off work to go to El Dorado on some business. On Saturday we began work on our screened-in porch. It’s slow go since only the two of us are building it. Well, Dave is building it and I’m helping a little bit.

I’ve visited with Jason a few times this week. Randy came over for a visit Saturday afternoon.

Happy anniversary goes out to my favorite daughter, Meghann, and her husband, Tim, on their 16th anniversary, which is on Sept. 19. Also, I want to wish a very happy birthday to my Aunty Letty whose birthday is on Sept. 21.

Bethel enjoyed wonderful services this week. Bro. Kevin’s message, “Jesus Loved People and Believed In Them,” was taken from Matthew 9:35-38. In a nutshell, it was a lesson about Jesus seeing the potential in you to do His work even if you can’t see it.

Reminders: Bethel’s Homecoming will be this Sunday, Sept. 21 with Bro. R.V. White bringing the message. Services will begin at 9:30 a.m. instead of 10 a.m. Our final Back-to-School Bible School lesson will also begin at 9:30 a.m. with a short closing program just before the message. You are invited to join us and stay to enjoy potluck lunch afterward. Evening services will be dismissed.  Evening services on Sept. 28 will be held at The Woods nursing facility at 6 p.m.

Great news! Jerline and Leo McCarty’s great grandson, Haigen William Gifford, and his mommy have improved enough to come home from the hospital. I know they can’t wait to go get their hands on him.

That’s my news for this week. Stay safe, be happy and don’t forget to pray for and visit those who are sick, bereaved and lonely.

Green Hill

Faye and May

The revival at the Baptist Church last week was great. Bro. Cruce, pastor of the Ladele Baptist Church, was the guest speaker. He really is a great preacher.

Cindy McKinstry of Little Rock came this weekend to visit her father, Hardy and Liz McKinstry of Banks.

Mike and Vickey visited Merle Billy Hickam Sunday afternoon.

Mark and Kerrie Peterson and Joy Lawson attended a singing convention in Murfreesboro, Tenn.  Friday-Saturday.

Cindy McKinstry visited with Jimmy Cockrell while in Green Hill.

Cleora Crook and Faye Wiggam accompanied May Hobbs to Little Rock on Wednesday to see her doctor. Cleora also visited with her doctor. They both received good reports.

The community was sad to hear of the passing of Terry Jackson. He was a good man and will be missed.

Neta Pace attended church on Sunday but was too tired to come back Sunday night. Remember Neta in all of your prayers. She has two good neighbors, Mary Lou Lawson and Sandy Smith, who are taking her good food everyday.

Faye, May and Cleora took Don Wiggam to Little Rock on Monday to see his doctor. He was dismissed for a year.

Jesus saves.


Ivanell Handley

Prayers for the sick and shut-in. This includes Margie Franklin, B. J. Grays, Emily Grubbs, Lilly B. Green, Margaret Simmions and Norma Woodard.

After church I visited with Sis. Rosie Grays and son, Phil. I also visited with Margaret, Bridgett and B.J. Grays. We had a nice visit. Prayers for these families and others with members who are sick and shut-in.

Our visitors were Melvin Collin and Henry Daniels. Sorry I missed you Mrs. Tiner.

Prayers for Nikie Miller.

I attended a wedding shower for DarShauna Shepherd on Saturday. This event was held at 4 p.m. at the House of Prayer in Fountain Hill.

Prayers for our sister-in-law, Doris Franklin, of Texas. Her sister passed away on Friday. Sympathy also to the Nimmer family in the loss of their loved one. Debbie Nimmer’s husband expired.

Prayers for my friend Brenda Hebert of Texas. She called me on Saturday afternoon. I visited with Mary and John for a few minutes on Friday.

Jerry Franklin and family visited with Vernie Childress and Patricia Staple on Saturday night.

Vernie, Floyd and I ate dinner at Piggy Sue’s Sunday afternoon. We chatted with DarShauna and John Ferrell. Congratulations on your upcoming wedding on Sept. 27.

The Lacey community welcomed Pastor Shirley Spencer Sunday morning. She is the pastor of Mt. Olive A.M.E. Church. Services were blessed as her message was taken from Matthew 6:33-34, with the thought, “First things first”. It was a blessed service.

Happy birthday to Betty Jones, Sept. 20, and Vera Goss, Sept. 24.

Thought for the week: Discontentment makes rich people poor while contentment makes poor people rich.

Vinegar Hill

Mae Cavaness

“The Lord maketh poor, and maketh rich: he bringeth low, and lifteth up,” — I Samuel 2:7.

My great grandchildren and I attended church at Gethsemane M.B.C. on Sunday. We had a beautiful Sunday school lesson entitled, “The days are surely coming: Hope for tomorrow,” taken from Jeremiah 31:35-37. It was well taught by Mrs. Freddie Loggans.

The Gethsemane Church family was very happy that Ron Veasey and Mrs. Ernestine were able to attend church this weekend,

Bro. Loggans preached a very powerful sermon that was taken from John 24:34 and Hebrews 13:14, with the subject, “God’s love is powerful”.

Sunday evening I attended the Mens’ and Womens’ Day preparation at First M.B.C., located on N. Bailey Street in Monticello The guest received a warm welcome from the First M.B.C. family. The guest speaker was Evangelist Lisa Reed of Bastrop, La. Everyone enjoyed her message, which was taken from Genesis 1:26-31.

Gethsemane M.B.C. will have their church anniversary on Oct. 12.

I talked by phone with Beatrice Freeman of Louisiana and all was well.

Have a blessed week.


Chris Riley

News time again. Oh my how the time flies. Nevertheless, thanks to God for giving us his twins, Grace and Mercy.

The past week has been a busy one with lots of things happening.

Connie Watson paid me a surprise visit.

Liz Ingram Boswell was my house guest and we attended the Fourth Anniversary Appreciation for Rev. and Mrs. Shay Gillespie at Mt. Tabor M.B.C. in Wilmar. Minister Walter Witherspoon III and the True Harvest Church Choir were the guest. Other were also invited to make tributes.

From there we went on to Morning Star M.B.C. for the Music Appreciation Service for Sis. Eloise Jacob. There were many expressions of talents and love.

Let me back up for a moment now. The Nancy Brandon Missionary Society of Morning Star M.B.C. traveled to Warren, where we dined at The Golden Girl restaurant. Those making the trip included Willie M. Vincent, Mary Wells, Chris Riley, Linda Shepherd, Sandra Witherspoon (our Chauffeur), Carol Hicks, Ernestine Graham and Faye Jacob. We all had a pleasant and good meal and fellowship. It was much enjoyed by the entire group.

Also, a revival was held at Morning Star M.B.C. Monday-Wednesday. The guest speaker was Minister Kent J. Broughton. It was well attended and we were blessed by his ministry.

A happy belated birthday wish to James “Rat” Lewis, Sept. 11, Rheum Riley, Sept. 14, and Pam Henderson Jones.  

Sympathy to Vi Jackson in the sudden demise of your son, Jerry. His last rites were held Saturday in the Stephenson-Dearman Funeral Home in Monticello. Linda Shepherd attended his last rites.

Johnny A. Orr received his ordination certificate Thursday at the conference hosted by Gates Chapel A.M.E. Church in Corset. He is the son of Amanda and Johnny Orr and is married to Tayna Martin Orr.

I talked with Hattie Shorter and she is doing well after a brief stay in the hospital. Becky Courtney Daniels accompanied her daughter, Denisha Manning, to Aruba recently. She reported that it was an awesome trip sightseeing, dining and more.

Now, until we meet again by paper and pen, let others see Jesus in you for it’s the only Bible some folks read.

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