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Kay Craig Malan

Hello, again, from Possum Valley USA! Finally the weather has become more spring-like. The grass is growin’, flowers are  bloomin’ and bugs are buzzin’! I was noticing a few days ago that the hummingbirds were noticeably missing from our feeders. But, when I went for my walk the other evening, I figured out why they were missing. The honeysuckle, blackberries and poke berries are all in bloom! Of course, I don’t blame them for preferring natural nectar to the store bought stuff but I sure have missed watching them up close. 

Speaking of hummingbird feeders, I received quite a treat the other morning just as I was about to walk out the door to go to work. I heard a loud bird squawk that sounded like it came from inside the house. So, when I turned toward the noise I saw several Baltimore Orioles fighting to get a drink from the hummingbird feeder that I have hanging by a suction cup hanger on the living room window. It was a sight to see for sure. I hadn’t seen a Baltimore Oriole since 2008 and they were just passing through then. I hope they hang around for a few days so I can put some grape jelly out for them. I also saw a Gray Catbird that same morning. I heard what I thought was a Yellow-breasted Chat so I grabbed my camera and went to patio door. But, instead of seeing the Chat I saw the Catbird. It’s been several years since I’ve seen one of them, too. When I looked them up in my field guide I learned that the Catbird can mimic other birds such as the Yellow-breasted Chat, Mockingbird and Brown Thrasher so that explained why I thought I heard the Chat.

Wanda and Ronnie Crockett’s daughter, Monica and family from DeWitt visited them last week.

Randy ate a delicious chicken and dumpling supper with Eddie and Leona and family Saturday evening.

Connie and Bill Horn traveled up north to spend Mother’s Day with his mother and family.

I hope all you ladies had a wonderful Mother’s Day with your families! Bethel’s attendance was up and Bro Kevin presented an inspiring message from I Kings 3: 16-28. Mrs. Thelma Ellis received ‘Oldest Mother’ honors, Leigh Bodiford ‘Mother with most children present’, Sarah Hewitt “Youngest Mother’, and Leona Eubanks “Mother with most Grandchildren present” and every mother there received homemade Snicker-doodle cookies. Yum! Janine Eubanks played “His Eye Is On The Sparrow” and Regina Wilson read a lovely ode to her mother. Dave and I ate lunch with Dennis and My Aunty Letty, Rusty and Diana and Wanda and Ronnie Crockett. I received a call from Meghann and a visit from Jason that afternoon. I am a blessed momma for sure.

Mrs. Thelma Ellis’ company last week was Leona, Tammy and the girls, Joe and Mary Joyce Mullins, Woody Bohannan and Olivia DeArmond. Buck and Melinda Loveless came by one day and took pictures of her beautiful iris.

That’s the news from Possum Valley for this week. I hope and pray that everyone of you have a great week and remember to thank God for everything.

Until next time, stay safe, choose happiness and be kind to everyone you meet.


Jana Wright

I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother’s Day. Mine was a little hectic, but so is every other day of my life. I am glad that still have my mother with me to celebrate. She may drive me nuts sometimes, and I know I do her too, but I would not trade her for anything in the world.

Ms. Mary Lasiter shared some news this week. Nancy, Chris and Miles spent Sunday with them for Mother’s Day. Miles is crawling everywhere and has four bottom teeth which her finger found were very sharp when he decided to bit down on it. Benny called her for Mother’s Day, and she received pretty flowers and gifts. All in all, she had a wonderful Mother’s Day.  She hopes everyone else did as well.

My thoughts and prayers are with the family of Arnold Tiner this week. He fought a long battle with cancer but lost his battle on Mother’s Day. 

I read where Judy Calhoun Tipton’s sister, Wanda, fell and broke her hip. She was slated for surgery Sunday night. I hope she has a speedy recovery.

Happy late birthday to Kyler Johnson; he turned 20. Happy early birthday to Addi Kate Stafford. Her birthday is May 23rd. She has already celebrated with a birthday party. Happy birthday to Becky Phillips, Jacque Murphy, and Mary Brewster Sturdivant. I hope you all have awesome birthdays!

Saturday, Stacy and Shana Wilson attended a wedding in Morrilton. Also present at the wedding were Matt, Jane, and Sam Pelkki.

Saturday we had a Mother’s Day gathering at my house. Those present were Jamie Martin; Bill, Kelly, and Ethan Gilliam; Koby and Jakob Bayliss; Robert and Faye Owens; Bradley and Brittany Sears, Dustin Barnett, Sheila Zeno, and Lisa Schmidt.

Sunday, we met at Pizza Hut for another Mother’s Day celebration. Those present were Gerald, Sandra, Bubba, Opal, Adam, Stephanie, Anna, Eric, Corey, Gavin, Jed, Cecil, and Mary Wright. Also Shana and Seth Wilson came by. After we left there, we went to Ms. Kay’s to see her for Mother’s Day. Bobby, Christy, and Carleigh Roberts were there. Taylor Wright and Bailey Melton stopped by. Stacy, Shana, and Seth made it by too. We had some dessert and a good visit.

Sunday we stopped by Jim Ferrell’s for a while. We visited with him, Billie Gober, Kevin Ferrell, Kari and Drake Hays, and Jody Jester. Jim and Billie had gone to a Jason Aldean concert Saturday night. They had a good time.

I had a busy week tending to sick puppies. First Shawn’s little male beagle got sick, like REALLY sick. About the time he got well, my female beagle got sick. For a time I did not know if she was going to live or not. She is doing better at this writing.

I am still enjoying this weather.  So far so good. Have a wonderful week. Call 224-3383 with news or e-mail

“I wait for the LORD, my soul doth wait, and in his word do I hope,” Psalms 130:5.


Vinegar Hill

Mae Cavaness

Mae Cavaness and her great grandchildren attended church at Gethsemane M.B.C. on Sunday. We had a beautiful Sunday School lesson entitled, “A call to holy living — life worth living,” taken from II Peter 1:4-14. The lesson was well taught by Mrs. Freddie Loggins.

Rev. and Mrs. W.L. Plummer were the guests at the morning service. Rev. Plummer brought the message from Luke 18:21, “False religions.”

I spoke with my cousin from Detroit on Sunday who wished me a happy Mothers’ Day.

I was sorry to hear about the passing of Ann Gardner. She was funeralized on May 10 at Zion Hill M.B.C. and laid to rest in the Wilmar Cemetery,

Sorry to hear that Marvin Block and Bobbie Lambert are on the sick list.

Happy to hear that Norma Woodard is home and doing much better, and that James Bealer and Dorothy Jones are home after a stay in the hospital.

Barbara Washington visited with friends and family in Star City over the weekend.

Brooks Chapel, Where Rev. Spinks is the pastor, is in revival May 13-15.

The Southeast District Singing Union No. Three will convene with the Fudge M.B.C. in White Arkansas June 28-30. Rev. Green is the pastor at Fudge M.B.C.

Happy birthday to all who have birthdays in May.

There will be a meeting and cleanup day at Union Ridge Cemetery on Memorial Day. Anyone with connections to the cemetery are asked to please be present.

Earnestine Stanley was able to be at church on Sunday. Mrs. Plummer also gave a very powerful prayer on Sunday at Gethsemane M.B.C. Rev. Plummer is a former pastor of Gethsemane M.B.C.

I attended bible study with Barbara Washington Wednesday night at Kennedy Blvd. Church, where Rev. Charley Vincent is pastor. The bible was well taught.

Hope all mothers had a happy Mothers’ Day. God Bless!

Green Hill

Faye and May

The Lord blessed us with a very pretty day. Mothers’ Day is a wonderful day for those that have a living mother but you sure do miss them when they are gone.

Those having lunch with Louise Barnes on Sunday were: Eddie and Alison Barnes, Faye Wiggans, May Hobbs and Cleora Crook. We chose Louise for a mother after our mother died.

Byron and Marion Pharr went on a week camping trip to Heber Springs. The caught a lot of trout and had good fellowship with Bobby and Beverly Pharr, of Hot Springs.

Al and Irene Sealey, of Monticello, visited Homer and Neta Friday evening.

All the Homer Pace families had Mothers’ Day dinner at Gay and Mike Young’s home. A total of 35 family members and friends attended.

B.J. and Sally Smith, of Jonesboro, and the rest of Leola Pace’s family had dinner with Leola and Rachel.

We were saddened by the death of Sammy Wigley last week. He was the brother of Elnora Stephenson.

Billy and Merle had all of their family over Sunday for dinner and it was a big crowd with good food.

Neta, Danny, Joy, Faye, May, Cleora and Jeff attended the visitation services for Jacqueline Gardner and Sammy Wigley at the funeral home Thursday night.

Don Pace went to Little Rock last week for a visit with his doctor. He got a good report.

May, Faye and Cleora accompanied Don Wiggans to Little Rock on Monday for a visit with his heart doctor.

Grant, Gay and Brice visited Homer and Neta Sunday afternoon.

Those mothers honored at the Green Hill Baptist Church Sunday were Vernell O’neil, oldest mother, Neta Pace, most children, and Stephanie Tucker, youngest mother.

Tommy Pace, of Pine Bluff, spent Mothers’ Day with Neta and attended church with her.

May received a phone call from Billy Ray Hobbs in California Sunday morning wishing her a happy Mothers’ Day. He is the son of the late Billy Hobbs and it is good to hear from him so call again.

It was good to have Tom and Betty Lewis and granddaughter in church Sunday, They were visiting with his mother, Mrs. Ruth Lewis, who attends our church.

May God bless all you sweet mothers.



Chris Riley

Oh what a beautiful (but sad) homegoing celebration held Friday, May 10, 2013, at the Zion Hill M.B.C. for Jacqueline Diann “Ann” Wright Gardner. There were many attending and pastor Leroy Hood officiated.

Thanks to each of you who gave the families support at such a time as this. My little sister I’ll truly miss, as we conversed or visited each day. She was my praise and prayer partner. This Mothers’ Day was not the same.

Again, I give thanks to all who showed kindness and concern during the passing of my dear sister. Included are Mae Ashford, for the delicious home-baked cake, Welton and Jean Green, for the yum-yum pork butt and sweet potato pie, Georgia Gray and Chris Arrington, for the cake and delicious rotisserie chicken, and Linda and Alvin Ridgell, Earnestine and Fred Graham, Linda and Phil Shepherd, Ms. Wille M. Vincent, Otis and Erma Burks, Ms. Viola Binns, and Ruby Miller for your love donation. May God bless you always. The Gardners thank each of you for your prayers, flowers, calls, visits food and other acts of kindness expressed during a time such as this.

My condolences go out to the Hall O. Wilkerson family.

Mrs. Mildred Williams spent a few days in Drew Memorial Hospital and Jefferson Memorial in Pine Bluff.

I enjoyed Mothers’ Day in Little Rock and Bryant with my children and grandchildren and attended church at IHP Ministries, where Elder Kevin Riley is pastor. Special tributes were given by the mother, for the mother and by the children and grandchildren. We all are dinner at Abe’s Feed House in Benton and afterwards had a relaxing evening at Murray’s Park in North Little Rock. I also received calls, texts and voicemails.

Happy belated birthday to Kedria Riley, of Georgia, on May 12, and a happy birthday to Clemon Avery on May 16. Congratulations to Jazmine Orr and Trevon Remley on receiving the Ambassador;s Award, which makes them eligible to go to Washington D.C. in 2014. The two are sixth grade students at Drew Central and were students at Wilmar Head Start during my tenure. They were excellent and obedient. Keep up the good work. I’m proud of you and to know I played a part in your life.

The first group of students that started Head Start on the first year I started working there will graduate this month from Drew Central High School. God bless you as you prepare to face the real world and all its challenges.

A tribute in memory of my dear sister “Ann” Gardner. She was the epitome of an angel as so many lives she touched. Her loving smile and Christian walk meant so very much. She gave of her time so unselfishly, never meeting a stranger, always praising and thanking God, and uplifting other’s spirits when they felt downhearted or sad. Even though she had open heart surgery two years ago and two strokes, the life she lived was not a joke. She was a dearly devoted and loving wife, mother, sister, grandmother and friend, and my best friend until the end.

Sorry that John “Skin” Hammock’s house was destroyed by fire Friday night. Neighbors and friends reached out, “for we are out brother’s keeper.” God has no hands but ours as he lends them to us that we might help someone in need. We can pray all we want but if there’s no action then our prayers are “null and void.” To most people prayer is a scape goat to do nothing. All of us need to be about our Heavenly Father’s business. All to soon we will be gone and what kind of legacy will we leave. Our life should have a positive impact on those we leave behind. I mean a very positive impact.

Now, until we meet again by paper and pen, “Keep Christ in all your walk and talk for he said in all your ways acknowledge him and he will direct your path. Amen!”

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