County sanitation costs to increase Apr. 1

As of April 1, the county will be paying more to dispose of its solid waste due to an increase in fees at the landfill.

Drew County Judge Robert Akin said that while the county will be paying more, $1.25 per ton more, to dispose of solid waste, the sanitation department isn’t planning an increase in the immediate future.

“Something’s going to have to be done, but for right now, we are just going to try to absorb the cost.”

Akin said the department’s first priority is collected delinquent accounts.

“We have some accounts that are passed due $2,000,” Akin said. “We are working hard to collect that money.”

Akin said the past due bills total more than $60,000.

“At last count, we had $68,000 in past due sanitation accounts,” Akin said.

Should the need to increase the sanitation rate arise, the measure would most likely be taken to the quorum court before anything is imposed on the residents.

“If anything needs to be changed, we won’t be able do anything until January because some people pay their bills for a year in advance.”

Right now Drew County garbage pick up is $11.20 per month. During our interview, Akin called other counties to see where our rates are with theirs. Drew County had the lowest rate. The other counties contacted are as follows:

Ashley County: $12.90 per month.

Chicot County: $21.80 per month.

Jefferson County: $16.14 per month.

“We have the lowest rate around,” Akin said. “I guarantee the last time our rates were increased gas was a dollar something a gallon.”

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