DCSD releases benchmark label

Kim Greer, Drew Central’s director of instruction, announced the District’s status as measured by the Benchmark exams last year during Monday night’s Report to the Public, which is required by state law.

Greer told those in attendance that the District is a “needs improvement” district, which means the schools didn’t meet its annual measurable goal.

In the elementary school, 81.40 percent of students tested proficient or advanced in math. However, the goal was 90.53 percent. In literacy, 81.40 percent tested proficient or advanced in literacy. However, the goal was 82.96 percent.

At the middle school, 75.08 percent tested proficient or advanced in math. However, the year’s annual measurable objective was for 75.79 percent to test proficient or advanced in math. In literacy,  78.78 percent of students tested proficient or advanced. The AMO for literacy was 78.33 percent to test proficient or advanced. The middle school is achieving in literacy.

High School principal Melissa Vincent said her school is also achieving in literacy.

“We had zero students to test below basic in literacy,” Vincent said.

Vincent said the high school is ranked as needs improvement in math, and for the graduation rate.

Greer told the board part of the problem with the math scores is the constant overturn of math teachers.

“When we get a new math teacher and get them trained then they leave or change and we have to start over again,” Greer said. “We are working on getting a little continuity in the math department. I think that will help these scores in the long run.”

 After the report to the public, the District held their regular board meeting.

Superintendent Billy Williams announced the District’s Oct. 1 enrollment is 890 from K through 12. However in pre-k through 12, the District has a total of 970 students. The Oct. 1 enrollment number is used for various reports and documents required by the state.

“We are down slightly but I checked the enrollment throughout the region. Nobody has any major gains,” Williams said. “All of the school choice students that aren’t in our district were in other districts already so that’s a good thing.”

Williams also reported that 80 percent of parents attended the parent-teacher conferences at the elementary school. One kindergarten class had 100 percent participation. At the middle school, 68 percent of parents attended the conferences while the high school only saw 52 percent of their students’ parents at the conference.

“This day and age, parents are using (the home access) to monitor their students’ grades so it’s not uncommon for parents to not attend the conferences,” Williams explained to the board.

Williams added that parents are always welcome on campus and to visit with teachers if they have concerns.

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