Drew County Judge’s report

The county received a good amount of rain over the weekend, enough so that I thought it was safe to lift the burn ban. We were blessed in that we only got rain, not ice or snow like many other areas of the state.

I started out last week like always - at the road department, where we planned our activities for the week. Later that day, I met with Monticello Mayor Allen Maxwell on a number of issues involving both the city and the county.

On Tuesday, I met with representatives from United Healthcare, the county’s current health insurance provider, to discuss a number of issues regarding our coverage.

I attended the quarterly meeting held on the Interstate 30 corridor at the Association of Arkansas Counties building in Little Rock Wednesday. I wanted to be there so I could talk about the importance of I-530 to the project. I had the opportunity to speak to a number of aides to our senators and other Congressional staffers regarding this matter.

On Thursday, I met with Pat Hargroves of the Southeast Arkansas Economic Development District to try and help one of the county’s newest volunteer fire departments secure some money for turnout suits, vehicle tires and other equipment.

I ended the week with some office chores. I also went to Little Rock to look at some equipment that we are considering purchasing for the sanitation department.

Road Department Activity

Monday - SB2 was spread on Buddy Beaty and South 16th Section. Ditch work was done on Plantersville and Stafford roads. Wilmar Loop and Barkada Road were bladed. Grizzell, Brixie, Mt. Tabor, Florence, Shultz, Pleasant Springs, Hayden Loop, East and West Mt. Zion roads were patched. Several loads of SB2 were hauled to Buddy Beaty and South 16th Section roads. Limbs were cut and chipped on Green Hill and Green Hill-New Hope roads.

Tuesday - SB2 was spread on South 16th Section, and a soft spot was repaired on Buddy Beaty Road and it was double-bladed. Blades were changed on a grader. Midway Route was checked. SB2 was hauled from Pine Bluff to the shop and South 16th Section Road. Limbs were cut and chipped on Green Hill and Green Hill-New Hope roads.

Wednesday - Signs were put up and roads were checked. SB2 was hauled from Pine Bluff to the shop and the stockpile was pushed up. A truck was moved for the bushhog crew. Green Hill Road was bushhogged and limbs were chipped on Burton Road.

Thursday - Two 36x30 pipes were taken to Old Dermott Road to be installed later. A repaired truck was picked up in Pine Bluff. Culverts were measured on Old Warren Road and tractor leaks were repaired. Work was done around the shop. SB2 was hauled from Pine Bluff to the shop. Bushhogging and limb-removal continued on Green Hill Road.

Friday - The 36x30 pipes were installed on Old Dermott Road. Hunger Run, James Brown, Calhoun, Tennessee Spur, Deeper Green, Dave Knight, Walnut, and Gardner roads were bladed. A truck was moved from Barkada to Selma. Buddy Beaty Road was triple-bladed. SB2 was hauled from Pine Bluff to the shop. Limbs were cut on Etheridge and Pumpkin Center roads.

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