Drew County Judge’s report

Almost all of last week, I was occupied trying to negotiate the details of an agreement between the city and the county regarding the acceptance of a grant to install 27 severe weather sirens throughout the county. Several of us at the courthouse, along with our counterparts at the city, negotiated back and forth until we arrived at an agreement that both parties felt comfortable bringing before the quorum court this past Monday night.

Also last  Monday, I met with one of the auditors who examines the county’s books each year, and attended my usual early morning meeting at the road department.

Tuesday, I attended the monthly board meeting at Drew Memorial Hospital. Board member Dr. Ryan Collins resigned from the group due to his expanding chiropractic practice, and I will be looking for someone to appoint as his replacement.

Two longtime road department employees, Fred Lewis and Buddy Barnett, retired on Friday and we held a luncheon in their honor. Lewis served under five different county judges, and Barnett was employed by the county for about a decade. We will miss their experience and skills, and wish them well in their retirement.

This is Severe Weather Awareness Week, and I want to let everyone know that we will soon be implementing the Code Red system, to go along with the sirens. We are hoping to get started next week, and to have Code Red in place for the coming tornado season.

Road Department Activity

Monday - Collins Line Road was double-bladed and Pleasant Springs, Garnett and Stafford roads were bladed. Signs were put up and pipes and ditches were cleaned on Lone Sassafras and Plantersville roads. Pumpkin Center Road was bushhogged and limbs were chipped there as well.

Tuesday - Ditches were cleaned out on Old Dermott Road and pipes were cleaned and checked along Midway Route. Signs were put up on Sullivan Road. Bushhogging continued on Pumpkin Center Road. Work was done around the shop.

Wednesday - Collins Line Road was rebladed and a soft spot was repaired on 4 Mile Creek Road. Washouts were fixed on South Allis, Dave Knight and Dickson roads. Four Mile Creek and Sanderlin roads were patched. Gravel was hauled to South Allis, Dave Knight and Dickson roads for use repairing the washouts. Ditches were cleaned on Little Garnett Road. Bushhogging was completed on Pumpkin Center and started on Lambert Road. Limbs were chipped on both Pumpkin Center and Lambert Road.

Thursday - Half of Gee’s Landing was bladed, along with South Cominto. Washouts were fixed and ditches cleaned on Enon-Deane, Bostian and Stafford roads. An 18 x 30 pipe was installed on Old Warren Road and a ditch was cleaned out on Old Dermott Road. Roads were checked for pot holes and ditches were cleaned on Buddy Beaty, Pumpkin Center and Green Hill roads. More of Lambert Road was bushhogged and limbs were chipped there as well.

Friday - Roads were checked and culverts cleaned out. Washouts were fixed on Horn Loop, Wilmar Loop and Barkada roads. Carl O’Neil, Horn Loop and Florence roads were bladed. SB2 was hauled from Pine Bluff to the shop. A ditch was cleaned on Mt. Tabor Road. Ditches were cleaned on Sam Carter, Gardner and Dickson roads. Limbs were cut on Skipper Bridge Road.

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