Drew County Judge’s report

Last Monday was Labor Day, and I spent the holiday helping my parents at their farm.

It was back to work on Tuesday, and I started out at the road department like always. Later that day, I met with Monticello Mayor Joe Rogers and other city staffers regarding the countywide Code Red system and the early warning sirens. We discussed everything that had taken place so far - up to and following the death of former Mayor Maxwell. Later that afternoon, I worked on my regular office chores.

On Wednesday, after a visit to the road department, I went out and inspected some roads at the request of a logger who is interested in improving our county roads. I respect him for calling me, and I thank him for his input. At noon, I attended the regular monthly Monticello Economic Development Commission meeting, where we were told that the purchase of 19 acres north of the railroad tracks adjacent to the industrial park had been approved. This will be used for future loading operations on both spur lines.

Late last week, I spent some time working at both the road department and the landfill, and taking care of my office duties. I also attended the fundraiser held over in McGehee for the UAM Athletics Department. It appeared to be a very successful event.

Road Department Activity

Monday - Holiday

Tuesday - Pipe was delivered to North 16th Section Road. SB2 was hauled to Sanderlin Road, where a bad spot was dug out, and from Pine Bluff to the shop. Slina, Carl O’Neal, Horn Loop and Prairie Chapel were double-bladed and Florence Road was bladed. North 16th Section, Lucas, Brixie, Mt. Tabor, Florence, Jose Chapel and Jose Chapel Cut-Off roads were patched. Avery and Cottonwood roads were bushhogged and limbs were cut.

Wednesday - Asphalt was hauled to and spread on Florence and Jose Chapel roads, and the roller was run on them. Collins Line Road was double-bladed and several culverts were cleaned out. Cottonwood, James Brown and Vincent roads were bushhogged and limbs were cut. The courthouse lawn was mowed.

Thursday - Asphalt was hauled to and spread on Jose Chapel and East Mt. Zion roads, and the roller was run on them. A tree was cut on Bowser Road. Longview, James Glennon and Gee’s Landing roads were double-bladed, while Ben Loveless Road was bladed and Prairie Chapel Road was re-bladed. Campground, Campground Loop and Plantersville roads were bushhogged and limbs were cut.

Friday - Asphalt was hauled to and spread on Garnett and East Mt. Zion roads, and the roller was run on them. Ozment Bluff Landing, Mhoon, Huskey Trail and Connie Veasey roads were double-bladed. A courtesy blade was done on Ponderosa Lane and Sid Carpenter, Van Cruce, O.Z.  Simpson and Deal roads were bladed. Plantersville and West Mt. Zion roads were bushhogged and limbs were trimmed.

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