Drew County Judge’s report

The weather has been giving us a break and we have been able to get quite a bit of road work done. I hope the predicted rain will hold off just a little bit so we can finish up a few things.

As always, I started out the week at the road department. Later on Monday, I attended the finance committee meeting of Drew Memorial Hospital’s board of directors. That evening, we had our regular quorum court meeting.

Tuesday night, I went to the regular DMH board meeting.

I spent most of my time Thursday and Friday at the industrial park doing some road work and otherwise helping get ready for the big announcement that is being made Wednesday morning.

Road Department Activity

Monday - Chip-and-seal work was done on E Street in Tillar. Panther Break, Lake Wallace, Bulloch Headquarters, Silver Mt. Church, Colony and Ashley 733 roads were bladed. Rose Hill Cut-Off, Campground, Campground Loop, Plantersville, West Mt. Zion, Sullivan and Rock Springs roads were patched. Gravel was hauled to the shop and Seventh Day Camp Road, where it was spread. Ladelle roads and McManus Lane were bushhogged.

Tuesday - More gravel was hauled to and spread on Seventh Day Camp and Florence roads. Avery, Burton, Bowser, South Wilmar, Sanderlin, Cottonwood, Mack Hood, Hunger Run, Quail Run, Lakewood, Old Hwy. 13, Carpenter and Vincent Lane roads were patched. Equipment was moved from Tillar to Florence Road and some pipe was taken to West Mt. Zion Road. One employee drove a sanitation truck. Lone Sassafras and Pleasant Grove roads were bushhogged. The courthouse, library and health department lawns were mowed. SB2 was hauled to Carpenter Road and weeds were sprayed on Green Hill, Brannon, Burton, Ras Pace and Pumpkin Center roads.

Wednesday - A 30’ x 30’ pipe was installed on Carpenter Road and a 30’ x 36’ pipe was installed on West Mount Zion Road. Skipper Bridge Road was double-bladed. Hill Community, Grace Loop, North Grace and a part of Four Mile Creek roads were bladed. Gravel was spread on Florence Road. Garnett, Bill Henry, Pleasant Springs, Hayden Loop, Rabb, Huckleberry, Shaw, Bain, Brixie, Mt. Tabor, Florence and Shultz roads were patched. Gravel was hauled from the pit to the shop and Florence Road. Fence posts were pulled up at the industrial park in preparation for the new road being built there. A grader was also moved there. One employee drove a sanitation truck. Pleasant Grove, Midway Route and Valley Junction roads were bushhogged. SB2 was hauled to Carpenter and West Mt. Zion roads.

Thursday - Fence post removal continued at the industrial park. Dozer work got underway there as well, and stumps were hauled off. Four Mile Creek, Collins, Lacey, Buddy Beaty and South Cominto roads were bladed and the grader was moved. Gravel was hauled from the pit and spread on Florence Road. Old Troy, Old Dermott, Old Deane, Selma Collins, South 16th Section, and Old Military roads were patched. One employee drove a sanitation truck. An 18’ x 30’ pipe was installed on South Cominto Road. Bowden Loop and Midway Route were bushhogged. Gravel was hauled to South Cominto Road and mowing was completed at the health department. State School, West Lacey, Lacey-New Hope, Lone Sassafras, Beulah, McManus, Deal, Goose Hollow, Pleasant Grove and Midway Route were sprayed for weeds.

Friday - More dozer work was done at the industrial park. Most of the crew worked on asphalting Florence Road. Ables Creek, Loggy Bayou, Old Hwy. 65 in Tillar, Four-Mile Creek, Dollar Hill, Dollar Hill Lane, Midway Route, Bowden Loop and Pleasant Grove were patched. Midway Route and New Light Road were bushhogged.

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