Drew County Judge’s report

I spent pretty much all of last Monday catching up on office duties and taking care of chores at the courthouse, after starting out my week as usual at the road department.

As you’ll recall, it was pouring down rain last Tuesday, and I spent the entire day on the roads. I drove 280 miles all over the county, looking for potential trouble spots. Water was over the road in a few places, but just because we got so much so quickly and there wasn’t anywhere for it to go. We just have to be patient in flash flood-type conditions like that. I did have a few areas of concern, and passed them on our road superintendent, Mike McManus.

On Wednesday, I performed a wedding ceremony and spent some time talking with Ron Rooney, interim administrator at Drew Memorial Hospital, about several issues. I also attended the regular monthly meeting of the Monticello Economic Development Commission at UAM.

The topic of a new permanent administrator for Drew Memorial was the subject of a meeting I attended on Thursday.

Friday, I met with a contractor and discussed several areas in the courthouse that need repair or minor renovations. These include the veterans affairs office, the Extension clubroom and the courtroom.

As I write this report, the county is bracing for possible ice and snow. I have ordered materials to be made ready for placement on bridges in the event that we do get ice.

Road Department Activity

Monday - Collins Line Road was double-bladed and Pleasant Springs, Garnett and Stafford roads were bladed. Signs were put up and ditches and pipes were cleaned out in several areas, including Lone Sassafras and Plantersville roads. Pumpkin Center Road was bushhogged and limbs were chipped.

Tuesday - Ditches were cleaned out on Old Dermott Road. Signs were put up on Sullivan Road. Pipes were cleaned on Midway Route and bushhogging continued on Pumpkin Center Road.

Wednesday - Collins Line Road was re-bladed and a soft spot was repaired on Four Mile Creek Road. Washouts were fixed on South Allis, Dave Knight and Dickson roads. Four Mile Creek and Sanderlin roads were patched. Gravel was hauled to South Allis, Dave Knight and Dickson roads. Ditches were cleaned on Little Garnett Road. Bushhogging and limb chipping were completed on Pumpkin Center Road and started on Lambert Road.

Thursday - South Cominto and half of Gee’s Landing roads were bladed. Gravel was hauled to fix washouts on Enon-Deane, Bostian and Stafford roads. An 18 x 30 pipe was installed on Old Warren Road and ditches were cleaned out on Old Dermott, Buddy Beaty, Pumpkin Center and Green Hill roads. Bushhogging and limb chipping continued on Lambert Road. Several roads were checked for potholes.

Friday - More roads were checked for potholes. Washouts were fixed on Horn Loop, Wilmar Loop and Barkada roads. Carl O’Neill, Horn Loop and Florence roads were bladed. Ditches were cleaned on Mt. Tabor, Sam Carter, Gardner and Dickson roads. SB2 was hauled from Pine Bluff to the shop and limbs were cut on Skipper Bridge Road.

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