Drew County Judge’s report

Let me start off this week with an announcement - the local Salvation Army chapter has depleted its utility assistance funds for the remainder of this year and will not be having any more “intake” days at the courthouse to take applications for assistance until after the first of the year. If this changes, they will let us know and we will try to help get the word out.

On Monday, I started at the road department as always. The rest of the day was taken up with paperwork, visitors and office chores.

Tuesday, there was a special called meeting of the intermodal authority. It was held in Warren and I checked out a number of roads in the western part of the county on the way back. I spent some time working with the heavy equipment operator students at the industrial park as we prepared for all the rain we were anticipating at the end of the week.

Wednesday was a big day for politicians. Early that morning, David Pryor, our former governor and senator, was in town along with his wife, Barbara, and grandson Adams, as they campaigned on behalf of their son and father, Senator Mark Pryor. Later, current Congressman Tim Griffin, who is a candidate for lieutenant governor, stopped by the courthouse to visit. At lunch, former Congressman and current gubernatorial candidate Asa Hutchinson was in town for a visit.

In the midst of all these campaign stops, I was called over to the old library because a trailer had come loose from the truck that was towing it and struck the side of the building, knocking a large hole in the wall. This could have been a very dangerous situation, and could have hurt someone badly. We were fortunate that there was only property damage. Please, everyone, double-check your equipment before you start towing anything.

Thursday afternoon, I had an exit meeting with a representative from Legislative Audit. We had no findings that were serious enough to require anyone to appear before the legislative committee. The only issues we had were minor ones, with verbal corrections being issued.

Friday, there was a ribbon-cutting for the new Outfitters RX business. I missed that, but stopped by later and saw that they have a nice selection of equipment. Their prices seemed competitive with what you’d see in larger markets. Around lunchtime, I got a call about a tree that had fallen in the road in the Florence community just off Hwy. 277. When I got there, it was absolute mayhem. There were multiple trees down, some on houses. There was at least one tree that I bet was 150 years old, and it had just snapped off. I’m thinking about trying to put together a volunteer community saw crew that would be able to come in and help out in the aftermath of storms to provide a much-needed service to our people. Anyone who has any ideas about putting such a crew together, or who wants to help, please call my office at 460-6200 and we’ll start getting a list together.

Finally, I wanted to try and clear up some confusion that may be out there. According to County Assessor Beth Davis, some residents in the county may have received notices of adjustment in their real estate values. However, these are not tax statements. The deadline for persons wishing to appeal these notices is August 18. Anyone wishing to schedule an appeal hearing should call 460-6260 prior to that time.

<strong>Road Department Activity</strong>

Monday - Pipes and SB2 were installed on Plantersville Road. Cook, Baker Cemetery, New Light, Old Troy, Webb, Transfer Station, Landfill, Mhoon, Huskey Trail and Connie Veasey roads were bladed. Old Warren Road was spot-bladed. Old Dermott, Old Deane, South Cominto, Collins Line and Bayou roads, along with some streets in Collins, were patched. Pleasant Springs, Plantersville and Selma Collins roads were bushhogged.

Tuesday - Soft spots were dug out on New Light Road, then filled with B stone and gravel. Panther Break, Lake Wallace, Silver Mt. Church, Old Warren, Heritage and Ashley 733 were bladed. South 16th Section, Selma-Collins, Old Military, Carpenter, Florence, Mt. Tabor, Brixie, and Airport roads were patched. Gravel was hauled to and spread on Old Warren Road. Old Military, Ables Creek and Loggy Bayou roads were bushhogged. The shop, courthouse and old library were mowed. Some work was done on a pad at the shop and some truck beds were cleaned.

Wednesday - Hot mix was hauled to and spread on East and West Mt. Zion, Garnett and Plantersville roads. Skipper Bridge, Hill Community, Grace Loop, North Grace, and half of Four Mile Creek Road were bladed. One employee worked at the landfill. North 16th Section, Lucas, Brixie and Florence roads were bushhogged. The health department and museum were mowed.

Thursday - The other half of Four Mile Creek was bladed, along with Collins Line, Buddy Beaty, South Cominto, Brown and Bud Jordan roads. Hot mix was spread on Garnett, Wilson Mill, Bowden Loop, State School, Valley Junction and Bill Henry roads. Four Mile Creek, Mt. Tabor, Florence and Jose Chapel roads were bushhogged. The new road at the industrial park was rolled.

Friday - Pipes were delivered to and installed on Dave Knight and Ladelle roads. Gravel was spread on Skipper Bridge Road, and Deal, Carl O’Neal, Prairie Chapel, Longview, South Allis and Heritage roads were bladed. Garnett, Rabb, Jose Chapel, Tara Grove, Florence, Ozment Bluff, Longview, James Glennon, and Jones Loop roads were patched. Limbs were removed from Florence and Mt. Tabor roads and Hwy. 293. One employee worked at the landfill. Gravel was hauled from the pit to Skipper Bridge Road and the shop. Jose Chapel Road was bushhogged.

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