Drew County Judge’s report

I apologize for not having an article in last week’s edition. It was a tremendously hectic week and I just didn’t manage to fit everything in.

The Memorial Day service held last Monday on the courthouse lawn was great, with the largest crowd I’ve ever seen at one of these events. I truly appreciate everyone’s support of our local veterans, especially those who paid the ultimate price.

When the courthouse reopened on Tuesday, I spent a large portion of the day catching up on paperwork from the previous week, when I had been out of town attending the Rural Development Conference in Rogers. Tuesday evening, I attended the monthly meeting of the Drew Memorial Hospital board.

I started out Wednesday morning at the road department, then went to the annual volunteer awards presentation at the Monticello Senior Citizens Center. During the ceremony, I found out that one of the volunteers had donated nearly 1,000 hours to a variety of projects. That was amazing to me. I finished out the day back at the road department.

Most of Thursday was spent over at the old library, evaluating the building and trying to determine the best use for it now that the space has reverted to the county. That afternoon, we conducted an auction and sold some of the smaller pieces of equipment and furnishings at the building.

Friday was a day of office chores, meetings with constituents, and catching up on courthouse business.

Road Department Activity

Monday - Holiday

Tuesday - Dickson, Barkada and Jose Chapel Cut-off roads were bushhogged. Silver Mt. Church, Ashley 133 and Colony roads were bladed. Ditches were cleaned out on Silver Mt. Church Road as well. Selma-Collins, Four Mile Creek and Old Military roads were patched. SB2 was hauled from the pit to Tara Grove. Gravel and SB2 were spread and the roller was run on Tara Grove.

Wednesday - Blades were changed on a grader and Collins Line Road was double-bladed. Barkada and Wilmar Loop roads were bushhogged. Avery, Rock Springs, Sullivan, Plantersville, Campground, Campground Loop, and West Mt. Zion roads were patched. Signs were put up on Tara Grove, Mhoon, Ras Pace and Ozment Bluff roads. Limbs were cut on Hill Community Road. A culvert was installed on North 16th Section Road. The laydown machine was carried to Tara Grove. Jose Chapel Cut-off Road was bushhogged and culvert posts were replaced.

Thursday - Roads and culverts throughout the county were checked and cleaned. Limbs were removed from Buddy Beaty Road. Sanderlin, Jose Chapel Cut-off and Florence roads were bushhogged. SB2 was hauled to Selma-Collins and East Mt. Zion roads, and B stone was hauled to Collins Line and East Mt. Zion roads. Limbs were cut on Hill Community Road. Holes were dug out on Selma-Collins and East Mt. Zion, then patched with SB2 and B Stone. Culvert posts were replaced on Jose Chapel Cut-off and Florence roads.

Friday - South 16th Section Road was flagged and ditched. South Wilmar, Dave Knight and Jose Chapel roads were bushhogged. A tree was moved from Lone Sassafras, ditches were cleaned on Barkada and signs were put out on East Mt Zion and Sullivan roads. Limbs were cut on Bayou Road. Jose Chapel Road was bushhogged.

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