Drew County Judge’s report

Monday brought my regular trip to the road department to start the week, then I spent the rest of the day at the courthouse taking care of office chores.

Tuesday, I traveled to Little Rock for meetings of the legislative budget committee and county judge associations.

Wednesday, we did some sprucing up at the courthouse. Mary Tucker of the Town & Country Garden Club, along with my assistant Sandra Burnett and myself, planted pansies, hosta, ivy and a few other things in the flower beds on either side of the steps at the front of the building. Mary is going to put out a few more bulbs, and everything should really be looking good when springtime rolls around.

 I went to Stuttgart Thursday for the regular monthly meeting of the Southeast Arkansas Economic Development District and regional solid waste board.

Friday, I did a few things around the courthouse, then traveled to El Dorado for an open house at Hugg & Hall Equipment. I performed a wedding ceremony when I got back to the courthouse that afternoon.

Road Department Activity

Monday - Wheeler, Dreams End, Huskey Trail, Ellis White, Mhoon, Connie Veasey and Webb Road as far as the landfill were bladed. Wilmar Loop, Barkada, Green Hill-New Hope and Ras Pace roads were bushhogged. Peas were stockpiled at Selma. Ditches were cleaned on Garnett Road and various other roads were checked for problems.

Tuesday - Some dropoffs were fixed in front of mailboxes on Lacey-New Hope Road. A pipe was delivered to Gee’s Landing Road. Gravel was hauled from the pit to the shop and to Gee’s Landing. Sid Carpenter Road was bladed and Connie Veasey Road was ditched. Old Warren, Lambert, Ethridge, Dave Knight and Gardner roads were bladed. SB2 was hauled to Lacey-New Hope Road. Thomas, Ras Pace, Mhoon and Ozment Bluff roads were bushhogged.

Wednesday - Gravel was hauled to and spread on Gee’s Landing Road. Lincoln, Bostian, Stafford and Dickson roads were bladed. An 18x20 pipe was delivered to and installed on Campground Road. The trackhoe was moved to Gee’s Landing and the skid-steer loader was moved to the courthouse. Ozment Bluff and Jones Loop roads were bushhogged.

Thursday - A pipe was installed on Gee’s Landing, and B stone and gravel were spread. Ben Loveless, Ozment Bluff Landing and James Glennon roads were bladed. Some ditch work was done on Connie Veasey Road. Hayden Loop, Pleasant Springs, Garnett, Calhoun, James Brown, Hunger Run Estates, Tennessee Spur, and Deeper Green roads were also bladed. Longview, James Glennon, and Lacey-New Hope roads were bushhogged.

Friday - Some pavement work was done at the courthouse to help fix a drainage issue and many more loads of gravel were hauled to Gee’s Landing. Signs were put up throughout the county.

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