Drew County Judge’s report

On Monday, as always, I began the week with a meeting down at the road department, where our crews made their plan of work for the week. Also that day, I met with a resident to discuss concerns about a road situation. Later that evening, I attended a meeting of the Drew County Historical Society.

On Tuesday, I had the opportunity to visit with Drew County 4-H members Brianna White, Bree-Anne Lanthrip, Chase Owen and Jacob Henson. As a team, they have earned a spot in the National W.H.E.P. (Wildlife Habitat Education Program) Invitational in Indiana later this summer. They are currently trying to raise money to help pay for their trip. This is the first time Drew County has ever had a team take part in the nationwide competition and we are very proud of these young people and their initiative. Anyone who would like to help sponsor the group may send a check payable to Drew County 4-H, Drew County Courthouse, 210 South Main Street, Monticello, AR 71655.

Wednesday I spent a lot of time up under bridges on a number of county roads, inspecting them with our road foreman, Mike McManus. I also performed two wedding ceremonies.

Thursday and Friday were days spent out on the roads looking at problem areas and in the courthouse catching up on paperwork.

Road Department Activity

Enon Deane, Sandy Creek, Loafer’s Lane, Puncheon Trail, South Cominto, Hayden Loop, Pleasant Springs, and Garnett roads were bladed on Monday, and the grader was moved from Ladelle to Baxter. Soft spots were repaired on Midway Route and Plantersville Road. Old Hwy. 65 was double-bladed and gravel was hauled from the shop to stockpiles on South Wilmar, Wilmar Loop, Ras Pace and East Mt. Zion roads. Midway Route was bushhogged.

On Tuesday, oil was changed in a truck and fuel filters were changed on a grader. Part of Four Mile Creek Road was double-bladed and ditches were cleaned out on Midway Route. SB2 was hauled to Ott Pace and Cominto roads and to stockpiles in Winchester and Wilmar and on Bordeaux Road. Bushhogging continued on Midway Route.

Wednesday saw the rest of Four Mile Creek Road double-bladed and Hill Community and Skipper Bridge Roads bladed. Blading was started on Panther Break Road and a courtesy blade was done on Long Lane. Old Military Road was repaired with hot mix and Prairie Corner and South Cominto roads were bushhogged.

On Thursday, Panther Break, Lake Wallace, Colony, Ashley 733, and Silver Mt. Church roads were bladed. Hot mix was hauled and spread on Old Military, Avery Creek and Bowser Roads and an uneven spot was repaired on Bowser. Rash Crossing and Ott Pace roads were bushhogged.

A washout was repaired on Gee’s Landing on Friday, and an 18x20 pipe was put in on Slina Road. Boston Road was bladed and limbs and trees were moved from Midway Route. Old Warren, Pumpkin Center, Lambert, Longview, and Jones Loop roads were patched. South Cominto Road was bushhogged.

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