Drew County Judge’s report

Last week was a very busy one, with lots of projects and meetings. I started off Monday as always at the road department. Later, I attended a board meeting of the Monticello Economic Development Commission to discuss contract negotiations with the prospect that is considering locating in the industrial park.

Tuesday, I rode the roads in the southwest portion of the county and checked on a number of issues. We also had a hazardous materials meeting at the fire training center that evening regarding the importance of everyone calling the 811 service before doing any type of digging. I urge all individuals and employees of companies who use mechanized equipment to call this free number before digging postholes, a ditch, pond, or what have you. This can prevent you accidentally cutting a water, phone or pipeline, or coming in contact with any other buried utility materials.

A ribbon-cutting was held at Brian Smith’s new business, the Prescription Pad Pharmacy, on Wednesday. There were a number of people in attendance to wish him well as he starts his new enterprise. Also on Wednesday, I met with Extension staff chair Steve Kelley and the Master Gardeners, getting input and suggestions from them about shrubbery on county-owned properties – which varieties would grow quickly and look good, bed layout, etc. Anyone who would like to join the Master Gardeners program may contact the Extension office at 460-6270. At noon, I went to the regular monthly MEDC meeting and discussed the road that the county would be building adjacent to the industrial park in the near future to enhance development there.

Thursday, I attended the monthly Southeast Arkansas Economic Development District meeting, which was held in Star City. I talked with SEAEDD grant administrator Andrew Armstrong about the e-waste warehouse and fork truck that we are trying to get for our landfill. This would allow us to store old electronic equipment that people want to get rid of – things like televisions, computers, copiers and printers. That way, they won’t be taking up space in the landfill. I hope to hear something about this project in the near future

On Friday, I met with an Entergy representative and we discussed the possibility of running three-phase electricity to our solid waste facility. This would give us the capacity to run a compactor out there.

I spent Saturday morning with my wife, Cindy, picking up a portion of Midway Route and Wilson Mill Road as part of the annual Drew County Cleanup. I appreciate everyone who participated. If you have an area you want to pick up, come by the courthouse and we will give you the trash bags to do so. And be sure and let us know when you finish, so we can go back out and pick them up.

Road Department Activity

Monday – Maintenance work was done on a grader and a truck was cleaned. Potholes were fixed on East Mt. Zion Road. Wilmar Loop, Barkada and Dow Russell roads were bladed. SB2 was hauled to East Mt. Zion and Pleasant Springs roads. Ditch work was done on Florence and Mt. Tabor roads. Ozment Bluff Road was bushhogged. A culvert was installed on Pleasant Springs Road.

Tuesday – Dirt was hauled from the pot holes that were fixed on East Mt. Zion Road. Enon-Deane, Loafer’s, Sandy Creek, Puncheon Creek, Hayden Loop, Pleasant Springs and Garnett roads were bladed. Ditches were pulled on Enon-Deane. Ladelle, Deal, Deal Lane, McManus, Lone Sassafras, Old Deane, Firing Range, Midway Route and Pleasant Grove roads were patched. SB2 was hauled to and spread on East Mt. Zion Road. Bushhogging continued on Ozment Bluff Road.

Wednesday - A grader was taken to the shop for repair. Cook, Baker Cemetery, New Light, Scroughout, Seventh Day Adventist and Old Troy roads were graded. James Brown, Calhoun, Deeper Green, Tennessee Spur, Walnut, Dave Knight, Ethridge, and Lambert roads were bladed. South Bowser, Green Hill-New Hope, Green Hill, Lacey-New Hope, Beulah, South and North State School, Valley Junction, and West Lacey Road were patched. More SB2 was hauled to and spread on East Mt. Zion Road. Potholes were fixed on Garnett Road as well. Signs were put up in several places around the county.

Thursday - Maintenance work was done on a grader and culverts were cleaned on Midway Route. Carpenter, Grizzell, Bordeaux, South Cominto, Collins Line and Skipper Bridge roads were patched. SB2 was hauled from Pine Bluff to the shop. Mt. Tabor Road was triple-bladed. Pothole work continued on East Mt. Zion. Some 18 x 30 culverts were put in on Pleasant Springs Road and Midway Route. Bushhogging continued on Ozment Bluff Road.

Friday - More culverts were cleaned on Midway Route. Old Dermott, State School and Selma-Collins roads were patched. SB2 was hauled from Pine Bluff to the shop. Ladelle Road was bushhogged. Equipment was greased and potholes were fixed on Old Dermott and Selma-Collins roads.

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