Drew County Judge’s report

This will be a short report, since we only worked three days last week, taking Thursday and Friday off for the Thanksgiving holiday.

I started off Monday as usual, with a meeting down at the road department. They were a bit short-handed, as several people were taking vacation days to coincide with the holiday week. We now have two full crews running, working on mowing and clearing the right-of-ways. This project should help driver visibility and make our roads both safer and neater. We have now moved into the southwest quarter of the county, and I ask people in that area to be patient and be careful as they encounter our workers and equipment.

Tuesday, I spent the majority of the day discussing the 2014 budget pretty extensively with the county clerk, treasurer and other department heads and elected officials. We were making some final adjustments to the proposed budget that we planned to present to the quorum court members at a special called meeting Dec. 2.

On Wednesday, I was glad to be a part of the Thanksgiving dinner at the road department. All of the food was good, but I especially liked the baked raccoon and sweet potatoes prepared by Elvin Ingram’s mother. Raccoon may not be a traditional Thanksgiving menu item, but we really enjoyed it.

I went on a duck hunt with my family Thursday as part of our Thanksgiving celebration. I’m proud to say we were successful.

On Friday, I went duck hunting again and attended the Wings Over the Prairie festival in Stuttgart. It was a good break, and I really enjoyed spending time with my friends and family. I hope all of you did, too.

Road Department Activity

Monday - Several of the employees checked roads, worked around the shop and helped the sanitation crew. A pipe was cleaned out on Midway Route. SB2 was hauled to Panther Break and Grace Loop roads. Wilson Lane was bushhogged.

Tuesday - SB2 was spread on Panther Break, Grace Loop and Grace Community roads. A ditch was cleaned out on Old Dermott Road. Limbs were moved on Midway Route. One road department employee drove a sanitation truck. Bushhogging/limb cutting continued on Wilson Lane.

Wednesday - Roads were checked and work was done around the shop. Rose Hill Cut-off was bushhogged.

Thursday - holiday

Friday - holiday

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