Drew County Judge’s report

I had a relatively slow week, as I am still recuperating from my surgery and still on light duty for the most part. I checked in with the road department, of course, and did a lot of chores in the office. I also helped out with some cleanup projects around the courthouse. We did some more planting in the flower beds on either side of the stairs.

By the middle of the week, I was able to get out and ride some roads. I also attended the Monticello City Council meeting, where the council agreed to pay for the city’s share of the Code Red early warning service. At this time, I will consider not renewing the contract with Code Red unless we get some of the issues worked out. Many people received phone calls alerting them of a recent storm system in the area, but did not get text messages about the storm until the next day. I am researching that to find out if that was due to issues with the cell phone carrier or Code Red, and will be considering that as we go forward.

For everybody who didn’t see us, most of the courthouse crew dressed up. We had fun, and a good, safe holiday.

Road Department Activity

Monday - Gravel was spread on Skipper Bridge Road. Silver Mt. Church, Ashley 733, Colony, Hayden Loop, Pleasant Springs and Garnett roads were bladed. Lake Wallace Road was ditched. South 16th Section, Ables Creek, Old Military and Selma Collins roads were patched. Gravel was hauled from the pit to the shop and the dozer was taken to the pit. Gravel was also hauled to Skipper Bridge Road. Lone Sassafras and Prairie roads were bushhogged and limbs were cut. The courthouse parking lot was cleaned and the library and shop lawn were mowed.

Tuesday - Goose Hollow, Prairie, Bowden Loop, Valley Junction, South School, Ladelle, McManus, Pleasant Grove, Lone Sassafras, Midway Route and Old Dermott roads were patched. Half of Four Mile Creek Road was double-bladed and the ditches were pulled. South Allis, Walnut and Gardner roads were bladed, and ditch work was done on South Allis. Gravel was hauled from the pit to the stockpile at the fairgrounds. Prairie, Valley Junction and Pleasant Grove roads were bushhogged.

Wednesday—Blading and ditching were completed on Four Mile Creek Road. A grader was fueled and greased. A washout was fixed on Stafford Road and limbs were removed from Midway Route. Cherry, Old Deane, SouthCominto, Collins Line, and streets in the township of Collins were patched. Debris was hauled from Old Dermott and Florence roads, and SB2 was hauled to Barkada and Florence roads. SB2 was hauled from the shop to Florence and B stone from the shop to Florence. A ditch was cleaned out on Old Dermott Road, and driveways were repaired on Florence and Barkada roads. Limbs were bushhogged on Pleasant Grove and Midway Route. The flower beds at the courthouse were cleaned.

Thursday - Grace Loop Road was double-bladed. North Grace, Florence and Avery roads were bladed. Dickson, Stafford, Barkada, Sanderlin, Wilmar Loop, Sam Carter, Ozment Bluff, Longview, James Glennon and Jones Loop roads were patched. SB2 was spread on Loggy Bayou and gravel was hauled to and spread on Panther Break and Bulloch Headquarters. SB2 was hauled to Florence and Loggy Bayou roads and ditches were cleaned on Old Dermott Road. Midway Route and Cook Lane were bushhogged and limbs were cut. The courthouse lawn was mowed.

Friday - Pipes were delivered to Florence, Garnett and Old Troy roads. Gravel was hauled to and spread on Panther Break and Bulloch Headquarters roads. A grader was moved from Baxter to Ladelle. SB2 was spread on Florence Road. South Wilmar, South Allis, Pumpkin Center, Lambert, Green Hill and Old Warren roads were patched. Gravel was hauled to Garnett Road, and SB2 was hauled to Florence Road, where peas were also swept off. The courthouse parking lot was cleaned. Pipes were put in on Garnett and Florence roads.

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