Drew Memorial Hospital looking to the future

Drew Memorial Hospital is looking to the future, with a business plan focusing on sustaining current operations and improvements to the hospital, a hospital modernization plan, and this month a company will begin developing a master site plan for the 80-acre medical complex, according to the hospital's chief executive officer Michael Layfield.

The master site plan, which will be prepared by a professional firm from Missouri, will take into consideration what facilities may be placed on the 80-acre complex in the future, Layfield said at last week's hospital board meeting.

The plan is being funded through a grant.

"As our hospital and health care needs grow how will we grow to meet that and where should facilities go?" Layfield said. "If we were to maybe do an addition on this building, where would it go? If this facility needs to be replaced one day, where would we put it? If a medical office building needs to be constructed… if we wanted to bring a cancer center in, a nursing home, an out-patient surgery center… I could go on with a list of health care things that we could put on this 80-acre campus… What you don't want to do is go do something on this 80 acres that would be in the way of something else."

With those three plans, the business plan, the hospital modernization plan, and the master site plan, Layfield said the hospital will have a vision for the future.

"I'm very encouraged about having a vision for our future and a road map to let us know where we may go one day," Layfield said.

In other business, Layfield said the hospital's home health department received a good report from Medicare.

"Everything looked good," Layfield said. "We got a positive report from them with no major conditions cited."

The hospital has also created a more "patient friendly" billing statement.

"There's so many changes going on in the way insurance companies and Medicare pays the bills so we're trying to be very nice to the patient when we send them a bill," Layfield said.

Aesthetics and marketing has also received the hospital's attention, with the creation of a new hospital color scheme, logo and marketing plan.

"Throughout the hospital, you'll have warm colors and new lobby furniture," Layfield said. "The ladies auxillary gave us $13,000 for one of our lobbies, for which we're very appreciative, and we're going to dedicate it with a plaque."

In line with the new color scheme, the hospital has a new logo to go along with a new marketing plan.

"This would typically cost us in the neighborhood of $15,000 to get a firm to come in and design this and work on it," Layfield said. "I would like to give our compliments to Wendy Tassin at the Advance Monticellonian. Wendy actually designed this for us and gave it to us for our use. Compliments and kudos to them. We appreciate them, but they see it as a way of giving back to our hospital and our community."

Layfield told the board the hospital's new marketing plan will focus on product lines, such as the emergency room, the radiology department, some of the physician activities, or a new service, along with community education projects.

"One of the things we'll be focusing on in is 'Go Red Day'," Layfield said. "This is a focus for all women throughout the United States to focus on improving their heart because women actually have a higher degree of having heart problems than men."

All women will be encouraged to wear red on February 6 and the hospital will offer EKGs for $25 that day.

"So we're trying to do things that will educate, not just talk about our services," Layfield said.

Layfield said the hospital will also update its Web site.

"We're looking at two or three Web sites for our hospital where you can go in and order equipment if you want to, you can apply for a job on it, you can pay your bill on it, and get information about our hospital," Layfield said.

The hospital has also implemented a recognition program for its employees.

"The most important asset we have at our hospital is our people and we want to recognize the everyday heroes at our hospital so, once a month, we'll recognize one Drew Memorial Hospital hero and let the spotlight shine on what our employees are doing," Layfield said. "This is for people who go above and beyond the call of duty… and they don't do it for personal gain."

At the end of the year, the hospital will pick a hero of the year, Layfield said.

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