Guest House

Sandra and Dixie came Saturday to see Hazel Ferrell.

Joe Burgess came this week to see Jerry Burgess.

Bill and Evelyn came Saturday to see Benson Byrd.

Edna Crook's grandson, Keith Crook from Paragould, came to visit her and go to his uncle's funeral, then he took her out to eat. Kristy came Wednesday and took her to her brother, Emmett Halley's, funeral. Sandra Morgan and her children from Star City came to see her Friday. Carlton Halley came to see her Sunday.

Kelton came to see Louise Busby this week, and Judy Harris came by, too.

Joey and Devonda came and ate lunch with Mildred White Friday.

Nettie Judkins is in Drew Memorial Hospital.

Virginia Casteel came to see Mary Goodwin Saturday.

Barbara and Woodie came to see Ray King this week.

Mary Jane came to see Henri Mason this week. Margaret Hennessy, Martha Linny of Northbrook, Ill., Rita Hennessy of Pine Bluff, Bill and Connie Ball came to see her this week.

Karen and her grandchildren from Warren came to see Billy Dean this week.

The Church of Christ came Monday night and Mt. Pleasant Church came Wednesday night. Sylvia Ngar taught the Sunday school class this week.

We had bingo Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and current events Thursday afternoon.

We will have our Christmas open house from 1:30-3:30 p.m. Sunday, December 6. We would like to invite everyone to come by and visit our residents.

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