I’m not getting older; I’m getting better and wiser

Each year, the week before Christmas, my family and I take a little time to celebrate my birthday. When I was a child, this meant I got cake and ice cream and a small gift since Christmas was only a week away.

Other family members often got me two-for-one presents, which is understandable, but looking back I had rather gotten nothing more than a happy birthday on the day that marked my birth and a present when everyone else got their Christmas presents.

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized that the gifts in our lives cannot be bought or sold. The richest people in the world are often very lonely people. Without people to enjoy your life with, money means absolutely nothing. I’d be a very lonely person if I had to sit in my house all alone. I didn’t used to think I would, but I would be very lonely without my family.

I am thankful God gave me the good sense to realize I needed a family of my own in addition to a career in order to be a happy.

As of yesterday, I am 35 years old and I’ve got a full life. That is such a blessing. I never thought I’d be this old. Growing up, I could never picture myself older than 29. Funny, my grandmother never could picture me grown either until I was. When I was pregnant with Jordan, she said, “Liss, I never thought I’d life long enough to see you have a baby.” She saw me give birth to two beautiful boys.

Now that I’m in middle of my thirties, I think it’s time I share with you my philosophy of aging.

See, the twenties are really like your teen years. We make so many mistakes. We fall down, and get back up again. In our thirties, we are little older, and a little wiser. We still have mistakes, but we are more cautious with our decisions and we cherish our lives more each day. Truly I didn’t really begin to truly live until I hit my thirties.

Our forties are the time when we start to reap the rewards of our hard work and labor, whatever those rewards may be. My older sons will be grown by the time I am 45, and Gavin will be a preteen at that time. I will probably become a grandmother in my forties.

By the time we enter into our fifties, it’s really time to enjoy life. Our children are grown and most likely we have grandchildren to enjoy. I plan to enjoy mine. I want to spoil mine and send them home. I want to be a mesh between my mom and my mother-in-law. I want my children to raise their children with my input only when asked. My mom is like that. I want to buy them toys and spoil them rotten, but not to the point they don’t appreciate the things they have. I think when I have grandchildren, I’ll spoil them with things like trips to get ice cream sundaes, and the occasional new dress for church if God gives me a granddaughter.

I want to babysit my grandchildren when needed, but also travel and see the things I never could because I had my children very young.

Until then, I’ll be happy with what I have: kisses from my preschooler; and the ‘love you’s’ from my older boys. Yes if I had not had a family, I would not have all these wonderful things to look forward to in the future. And, if I never have grandchildren? Well, I’m sure Robert might at some point. I can be the coolest Great Aunt Melissa on the planet even in my fifties.

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