I don’t know about you, but I am paying for my raising

Well I guess it’s true we all pay for our raising in some way or another. This statement is true for me as well, but not in the way many of you might think.

I consider myself a good kid. I tried to stay out of trouble, and do what I was supposed to do as a teenager. However, like any other kid, I did have my moments.

My mom used to tell me she hated to go shopping with me. She and I had very different taste in clothing, accessories, and shoes. Basically, if she liked it I hated it and would not wear it.

Jimmy and I are both paying for that one with our older son, Jordan, who just turned 13 on Friday.

While we were in Florida on vacation, we took the boys shopping for new clothes. Jimmy helped Cameron buy some pretty cool clothes, but Jordan was another story.

Everything we liked, he hated— from shoes to shirts. We were able to buy him a pair of shoes and a few shirts but our quest for clothing continues. Last year, we couldn’t find him jeans that fit. This year, we can’t seem to find him clothes he likes.

Jimmy and I both found ourselves frustrated with Jordan while Cameron racked up on the clothing thanks to the deals we found in Florida.

The thing that disappoints me the most is the search continues because we were not able to finish.

I remember when Jordan would just wear anything we put on him. I really miss those days!

But, as he’s grown so has his taste in clothing.

This year, he’s worried about what other people think about him and how everything is going to be in seventh grade. All this stress has made him picky about his clothes, shoes, and even his school supplies. It’s very irritating even though I can relate.

As a teenager, I used to get very nervous about every new school year. It was until my junior year that I learned to not stress out about the first day of school. By that time, I only had one more year before I headed off for college, which was both exciting and frightening at the same time.

I hope Jordan learns to relax just a tad. I understand what he’s going through is a normal process but it’s really hard to watch.

I tell my boys that in 20 years nobody is going to care what kind of outfits you wore to school or who had the best pair of tennis shoes. I tell my boys to just be themselves and everything else will fall into place. After all, in 20 years, no one is going to care if you were popular or not. All that’s going to matter is who you are as an adult. In 20 years, chances are they will have relocated their lives elsewhere and forgotten all about you.

Honestly, I give little thought to my classmates. The ones I do think about are the ones who impacted my life in some way. I have one friend I’ve stayed in contact with over the years and that’s it. There’s a bunch who are on my Facebook, but only one I would talk to without Facebook.

Here’s hoping for a good school year for my boys and for all the students out there heading back to the classroom.

As for our hunt for school clothes, the search will continue this weekend. Wish me luck.

(Melissa Cason is a staff writer for the Advance-Monticellonian and a mother of three sons. She can be contacted at reporter@monticellonews.net)

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