It’s good to be back to in the swing of things

First, I have to say it’s definitely good to be back in the swing of things.

For the last six weeks, I’ve pretty much done nothing but chill out at home and rest. It’s funny how all we want to do is sleep and rest when we can’t but when we are told to rest, it’s almost an impossible task.

I found myself on Facebook a lot over the past few weeks trying to stay connected to the community I am used to covering. Staying home and relaxing is tough when you are used to being out in the community seeing people and knowing what’s going on.

I have to be honest, at first I enjoyed having the ability to do nothing, but as soon as I began feeling better, I was ready to go back to work. Even though my body needed a little more time to mend, my brain was ready get back to work. I spent a lot of days watching reruns of “Grey’s Anatomy” on Netflix. I watched characters Meredith and Derek yo-yo between from coworkers to being in a relationship more times than I could over the past few weeks.

I also had my schoolwork to keep me busy and, of course, my daily one to three hour naps. Those were amazing. While at times I found my quiet house boring, I also found it serene. In a house with three loud boys, quiet is sometimes good, but only for short periods of time.

When I came back to work this week, I have to admit I missed those naps. Last Thursday night, I could tell I had not had my nap because by the time I was able to climb under the covers, I was wiped out.

The thing about us humans is that we tend to get used to the way things are and before we know it, we are taking them for granted. I definitely took those naps for granted, but they were nice while they lasted.

Now, that I am back to work, I hope to get myself updated about what’s been going in the community.

I’m sure Jimmy is glad to have me back to work so that he can have some free time to fish or to just chill out when he’s not working instead of helping take care of me all the time.

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