It’s time for Halloween fun once again

It’s official: Halloween is already here. In just a week, the streets of Monticello and everywhere else will be filled with ghosts and goblins. While I don’t consider Halloween an actual holiday, it’s a time of fun and frolic in the Fall.

When I was a kid, I never went trick or treating. My parents took us to Halloween parties at friends’ houses when we lived in Texas. After we moved to Arkansas, we started going to Fall Festivals hosted by various places.

I remember attending a Halloween carnival at the Y in Warren. I think I was probably 10 or so at the time.

We used to beg to go trick or treating because our friends would go. My mom always said there were too  many mean people in this world to take us to homes of people we didn’t know.

While I didn’t get to trick or treat as a child, I got to go as an adult after Jordan was born.

Jordan’s first year, we only went to my mom’s house, Jimmy’s mom’s house and other family members. When  he was one, we started trick or treating in the same neighborhood Jimmy went trick or treating as a child.

We would load all the kids – Jordan, Cameron when he came along, our niece, nephew and other family members, and we’d hit the neighborhood.

I remember Jordan being very shy about saying “trick or treat” but after an hour or so, he got the hang of it. Cameron never was very shy, but he’d been trick or treating since he was an infant.

Jordan was a cow his first Halloween. Cameron was “Shaggy” to Jordan’s Scooby Doo for his first Halloween.

By the time Gavin came a long, trick or treating had slacked off in the neighborhood. The residents had grown older and stopped giving out candy. The year I was pregnant with Gavin, our community held its first community wide Trunk or Treat. I’ll never forget how I got off a two week long bed rest to be able to go trick or treating with the kids. I didn’t get a costume because I thought I’d be on bed rest so I put on Jimmy’s Braves shirt and hat and went as a pregnant Braves baseball player.

The next year Gavin was here and he went to the Trunk or Treat as a little vampire. Jordan was Freddy and Cameron was Chucky that year. Jimmy made Jordan and Cameron’s costumes that year. It was really fun to see the boys all dressed up in scary costumes.

In 2011, I think we visited every Trunk or Treat or Fall Festival in town, or at least, we felt like it. I don’t remember what Jordan and Cameron dressed up as that year, but Gavin had several costumes. He was G.I. Joe, a firefighter and Captain America, depending on what event we were attending at the time.

Last year, Gavin was a firefighter Smurf. He was supposed to be just a Smurf, but the Smurf hat I made him came apart and he would not take off his plastic fire helmet, thus we got firefighter Smurf. I looked it up on the Internet and there was a fire Smurf character in at least one Smurf episode.

Jordan dressed up as a mad surgeon, and Cameron was a rock star last year.

Myself, I haven’t really dressed up as anything since Gavin was born nor has Jimmy. I think we put all  our creativity into the kids’ costumes.

This year, in addition to attending various Fall Festivals, we are going to an event in Stuttgart at the fire department where Jimmy works.

Gavin is going to be Patriotic Iron Man. The other two boys aren’t planning to dress up, but that doesn’t mean anything. They could decide at the last minute to wear a costume, which would have us scrambling to put one together for them.

Halloween is a time fun for the entire family. I don’t think it’s possible to outgrow it. I know I haven’t. I’m wishing everyone a safe and Happy Halloween.

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