Monday morning, Jerry Smith and I had conversation in the doctor's office.

At 10 a.m. Monday, Mary Franklin and I met at Monticello Healthcare Center. The room was full of patients. We sang songs and one of the patients prayed. I read the scriptures. Evangelist Mary blessed us with an inspiring word. The patients enjoyed it as always.

Floyd called and checked on Raymond Jordan Tuesday evening.

Dorothy Jordan and I chatted a few minutes in Walmart Wednesday morning.

Vera Doss and I chatted a few minutes at the post office in Fountain Hill Thursday morning.

Floyd and I attended the UAM Family and Friends indoor picnic Thursday, August 20, from 5 to 7 p.m. in the Gibson University Center gym.

I had conversation with Ray Johnson Friday morning in Pine Bluff.

Patricia Staple and I attended the wake for Pearl King Friday evening at Cromwell Funeral Home in Hamburg from 6 to 8 p.m. We chatted with some of our out-of-town family members.

I called Mrs. Ashcraft and family Sunday evening and Zeophis Lowe Friday morning.

Prayers for the sick and shut-in, including Osman Phillips, Luvina Smith, Sam Wherry, James Ferrell and others who are sick and shut-in.

I called and checked on Eliza Smith. She missed church Sunday morning.

Matilda Jordan called Sunday evening. She's not feeling the best. Mr. and Mrs. Greg McGree and Shirley Franklin carried Matilda out for her birthday Saturday in Lake Village.

I called my sister, Shirley Tabbs of Toledo, and my brother, John, and wished them a happy birthday Wednesday.

Services were blessed at the House of Prayer Sunday. A blessed Sunday school lesson was taught by Clare Franklin, and there was a blessed word from evangelist Shirley Benton. Her subject was, "Many Are Called, But Few Are Chosen," taken from Matthew 22:14. She asked the question, "Can God Choose You?" Evangelist Juanita Jones was our guest from St. Louis. Juanita was down for the homegoing services of Pearl King.

Thought for the Week: It's better to declare the truth and be rejected than to withhold the truth just to be accepted.

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