Black Friday was a downer for me this year

This year’s Black Friday was a bust for me. I wish I had something funny to report, but in fact, I have little to nothing to report to you.

When the Black Friday ads hit the Internet in mid-November, there was only one item I thought I’d need to go get. Instead of being on sale on Friday, that one item was on sale Thanksgiving night. I thought it had a one hour guarantee, but after standing in line for it for over an hour, I learned the store only had 16 of the item for the sale and there was no one hour guarantee like I thought. So my time was wasted.

I now have to pay the regular price for the item yet I still stood in line for hours.

I picked up everything else I wanted the next day when most of the shoppers went home.

I went to a smaller store than I usually do for Black Friday so there were no fights over the bed sheets, towels or waffle makers this year.

I’m as almost disappointed because part of the fun for me is to watch grown adults act stupid over the frivolous things they don’t even really need.

While I was shopping, I ran into some friends. We got to visit and caught up. They all wanted to know how we liked living in Arkansas, and everything that’s going on.

It’s nice to see that people still care about you even when you move on with your life.

We had Thanksgiving with our families. The boys got to play with all their cousins they don’t get to see very much anymore. It was nice to see them have a good time.

I got to visit with my mom and dad even though their house was a construction zone all weekend. My parents were busy reconstructing their bathroom that they’d planned for months so they didn’t have a lot of time to spend with their grandkids. But, they did enjoy them when  they could.

Gavin had a blast watching them work on the bathroom Saturday. The carpenter doing most of the work felt he needed to pay him for his “work” because he spent the whole day in there. Gavin had to show everyone the money – a pocket full of quarters – that he’d earned that day.

Other than driving on Thursday and Sunday, that was my weekend. Yeah I know my Black Friday tale is a little weak this year. So much in fact that I think I’m just over the idea of rushing to the store to save a little cash.

It’s crazy, and I’m over it. I think next year my total goal is to be completely finished Christmas shopping by the time Thanksgiving rolls around just so I don’t have to get angry at the stupid store clerks that don’t know how to tell people in line for something that it’s all gone.

I hope everyone had a blessed Thanksgiving, and enjoyed last night’s Christmas parade.

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