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This week, we conclude the story of Orville Casteel's WWII service. Casteel served a tour of duty working with the calvary in Fort Riley, Kan., then returned home to Drew County. But WWII was still raging in Europe, France had fallen and Nazi eyes had turned to Great Britain. Casteel felt American involvement in the war inevitable and knew he was still eligible to be drafted.

Since he did not wish to return to the cavalry, this time Casteel went to Shreveport, Louisiana, and enlisted in the Air Force.

This is the price of freedom, says Scott

<strong>To the editor:</strong>

The following is information I presented to the Daughters of the American Revolution at a December 2 meeting:

I. For the 231 history of the USA, 1775-2006, we have been in 11 wars:

1. Revolutionary (1775- 1783)

2. War of 1812 (1812) 3. Mexican War (1846- 1848)

4. Civil War (1861- 18651)

5. Spanish American War (1893)

6. World War I (1917- 1918)

7. World War II (1941- 1946)

8. Korean "Conflict" (1950- 1953) Congress did not declare war


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