Our recent trip brought back memories of my granny and how she liked home

I know I’ve shared a lot about my late grandmother over the last couple of years. I might have even told a few stories more than once, but I’m sure this week’s will be new to you.

Over the weekend, I was reminded of my Granny Goo when I visited my parents in Alabama. But, the memories didn’t come flooding back while I was gone, it was when I got home that made me think of her.

When I was growing up, I spent the night with my granny a lot, but she didn’t stay over night with us very much. When I’d ask her why she didn’t stay with us, she’d simply say “I like being at home in my own bed so I can rest.”

My granny liked to visit her loved ones but if there was any way possible, she’d prefer to sleep in her own bed every night. She was this way until she passed away. She only stayed over night when she had to do so because home was too far away for her to run there each night.

I never understood that until now.

After traveling 300 miles each way to and from Alabama, I was happy to be back in my bed Sunday night. I do like to visit our family in Alabama, but there truly is no place like home.

As I laid there in bed Sunday night trying to go to sleep, I thought how good it was to be back home again. I immediately thought of granny.

It’s amazing how things just come back to you out of the blue. It’s been seven years since she left this Earth, but every now and then her memory comes back to visit me.

At moments like this, I used to feel sad and miss her terribly. I do still miss her, but her memory doesn’t make me sad anymore. Instead they bring a smile to my face. You see, my granny would not want me to cry every time I thought of her.

She’d want me to smile when I remembered her. I’ll be honest. I don’t have these kinds of memories about all of my grandparents—only my Granny Goo. I guess it’s because she was closest to my brother, Robert, and me. Our relationship was unique and unlike many grandparent—grandchild relationships.

Granny was there when I was born. She was there when I graduated from high school. She was there when I married.

She was there when I delivered both Jordan and Cameron. I remember how proud she was to hold both of them in the hospital. Until the day she left this Earth, she loved my boys  and they loved her back.

Something tells me she was there in spirit when Gavin came into this world four years after she passed away. I felt like she was there with us that day, keeping watch over my little one.

I guess the most important thing is that she was there for me and my family. Growing up, she was always a part of the celebrations.

I miss her very much and my boys and my husband miss her just as much as I do.

I am glad I can think of her and smile instead of cry. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t miss her, but she’s in Heaven now and I know she’s not suffering anymore. That’s better for the both of us.

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