Put in the time; you’ll be glad you did

I was talking to a friend a few weeks ago about investing time in something. During our conversation, I realized Monticello has a epidemic of people wanting something done but  not willing to do the work to get it accomplished.

This blows my mind. Everything in this world takes hard work, but it seems like no one wants to put out the effort. They want someone else to do the work. They want someone else to invest their time into something in which everyone would benefit. 

That’s the biggest problem this community has: the lack of time invested by much of the population.

I’m not saying that every single person doesn’t invest time in this community because a lot do. I’m just saying that there’s a lot people out there waiting on someone to plan events, or do things so they can benefit from them.

The best example of this epidemic is the community’s desire to have a festival. How many times a year do people say “why can’t we have a festival?” When you go to ask people why there’s no festival in Monticello, they say, “it’s because we don’t have the volunteers needed in order to have a festival.”

If those very people who want a festival took the time to volunteer, this community could have one.

This is not the only place the epidemic is seen. Another example is the Monticello Youth Soccer Association.

They have an annual meeting every single year, and nobody comes. Yes the meeting is placed on the community calendar, but still no one shows up.

I mentioned having it on a weekend afternoon, and having the board members call each soccer coach to remind them of the meeting. This organization has little or no community involvement, but over 200 children play soccer each year.

I guess it just irritates me to have people want things that they aren’t willing to work to earn.

Let me be the first to tell you that there’s no free ride. If you are just getting by in life, then life is passing you by and leaving you behind.

Life is like a news story in that the reader only gets out of it what the source and writer put into it. If the story is going to be good, there has to be an effort made by both the source and the writer.

In life, you only get one shot  to do it right. There is no correction when it’s done. It’s just as you left it regardless if it’s incomplete or not.

The other night I got to watch citizens of this community honored for getting out there, and doing what needs to be done.

Those recognized are changing the community one day at a time. First the change might seem small, but then, before they know it, they have made a big difference.

Louisa Smith was named Woman of the Year, and rightly so. This wonder lady has been involved in many community projects including growing a community garden, working with the schools to teach children how to grow, and founding the Feed the Kids program. While all these activities are worthwhile, the Feed the Kids program is the one that touches my heart the most. I’ve been to packing night to watch the volunteers back the bags for the children. This program feeds children in grades K - 8 on weekends.

Because the children on this program only get a good meal at school, the children would go hungry on the weekends if it were not for this project.

Tom White, our own publisher, was named Man of the Year for his efforts to bring the Great Race to Monticello and for other community involvement such as his work with Hunters for the Hungry, being a bow instructor, serving as past president of the Drew County Bowhunters Association, and the list could go on and on. I can tell you I enjoy working at the Advance. I have ever since I came to Monticello. Mr. Tom, as we call him in the office, is a big part of making sure your newspapers arrive on time every week. My point is that while his community involvement list is quite impressive, I think the best thing Mr. Tom does for this community is to make sure our readers get their newspapers every week. The press has an important job. It’s our responsibility to make sure our community is informed on all the issues of the county. Mr. Tom is a big part of that. It was nice to see him recognized for all his work in our community.

Reginald “Reggie” Binns was recognized as Outstanding Young Community Leader. While I had someone else pegged to win this award, I’m so glad I was wrong. Reggie is one of the nicest guys in the community. He’s a paramedic with Southeast Arkansas Emergency Services as well as owner of Reggie’s Locks and Keys. I personally know him. He is a great guy. There was a couple times in the last few years I thought I was going to have to call him to unlock my car doors a few times. I’m glad I bought a car with keyless entry. So far it’s saved me a lot of money. Reggie is willing to help anyone in need. He’s a great guy. This award couldn’t have gone to a better person.

Eulea Kiraly and Liz Richey were honored as Teacher of the Year for their respective schools. Both of these teachers are valuable assets to our community. Our community would not be the same without you.

Cash Saver was recognized as Business of the Year, and Silvicraft was recognized as Industry of the Year. Our community needs thriving businesses and industries. It was nice to see them recognized.

Congratulations to everyone recognized the other night, and I applaud your efforts to make this community a better place.

I hope everyone will be inspired by these individuals. Ask yourself what you’ve done for your community lately. If the answer is “nothing,” you need to find a way to contribute whether it’s at church, coaching a little league team, or for just being a mentor.

Put in the time. You’ll be glad you did one day.

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