Right now I am trying to enjoy the quiet

This week my house is really quiet since the boys ventured to their grandparents’ house last week.

I am already used to the older boys going off for a week or so because they are older. Jordan is about to turn 13 on August 9. Cameron is right behind him, turning 10 the next week on August 14. But, Gavin, who is only 3, is used to being with his mom and dad.

Every day Gavin has asked us if we were coming to get him at his Pawpaw’s house.

Monday night I just told him yes even though I knew it would be another week before I’d get to see my boys again. I miss my little Gavin. He’s always into something, but he’s also a love bug.

I miss him sleeping with me on the nights Jimmy is at work. I know it sounds crazy but it is a little comforting knowing my baby is right there beside me should something happen during the night.

For the last week the kids have been in Alabama and I did not sleep very well the first night Jimmy worked after they left.

With it being just me there, the house is unusually quiet, and it’s quite disturbing.

Yes I am one of those parents who crave time alone until I get it.

 I don’t know what to do with myself since I am used to having the children around even when Jimmy is not.

It’s kind of the same way about work. Sometimes I crave to just have a day off work so I can do what I want to do. The problem is once I get the day off, I get bored and by the end of the day I usually decide I should have gone to work that day.

So the only time I really take a full day off work is on vacation days or when the kids are sick. Both of those kinds of off days are really busy because I don’t have time to get bored.

I don’t usually take vacation days unless I am going somewhere out of town like the beach or Disney, or somewhere else not in Monticello.

When the boys are sick, those days are a combination of cleaning up, taking care of my child, and getting in to see the doctor. So, those days are really busy too.

With all this quiet time, I’m lost about what to do. I have tons of stuff that needs to be done in the house when I get off work, but I keep thinking I will wish I’d relaxed while they were away. So I am trying to enjoy the quiet even though I miss the noise.

As I look at the way I am now, I wonder how it’s going to be when the boys are grown. I realize I have a ways to go before I have to worry about that, but I wonder what I’ll do with myself once my nest is empty.

I know a lot of people with empty nests. They assure me that by the time my children are grown, I’ll be ready for my nest to be empty. I just haven’t gotten there yet. I certainly hope they are right because right now my empty nest isn’t too pleasant.

But, on the up side, I can clean my house and it will stay that way. I don’t have to cook for anyone but myself and Jimmy when he’s home. That’s pretty nice. Jimmy and I can go eat supper at a restaurant and it not cost us an arm and a leg so that’s pretty cool. Finally, we can go to a movie for less than $20. So the time to ourselves isn’t that bad.

However, we did learn that amusement parks aren’t as fun without the kids around.

Now that I’ve looked on the brighter side of the house being quiet, I can say I’ll be ready for the kids to come home when I go pick them up next weekend.

But for the next week, I am going to try and enjoy the quiet.

(<em>Melissa  Cason is a staff writer for the Advance-Monticellonian. Contact her at melissadcason@gmail.com.</em>)

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