Spread some Christmas cheer by baking a cake this year

With all of this cold weather and “wintery mix,” we’ve experienced,  we should all be getting in the Christmas mood.

Nothing is more disappointing for me than to have Christmas when it’s 75 degrees outside. It just doesn’t seem like Christmas until we have had good cold snap.

This year we have some extra frigid temperatures so we should all be getting ready for Christmas.

One of the ways I prepare for the holiday season is to start baking. I love to bake.

I’ve already started by baking two batches of chocolate chip cookies for my family over the last few weeks. I have to say the cookies didn’t last long at our house.

Baking has always been a part of my holiday celebrations. I’ve always enjoyed baking.

Honestly, I personally bake better than I cook. I think because baking doesn’t always mean keeping a direct eye on the oven like you do when cooking a meal.

Sometimes I forget I’ve got something cooking on the stove, but when I’m baking I always set a timer because timing is everything with baking.

However, I always follow a recipe when I’m not using a mix.

I don’t have the talent to throw some ingredients together just to see what I get as a finished product. Instead I follow a recipe in full detail. When I try to take short cuts, the end result isn’t always a favorable one.

However, I do get adventurous when baking cookies. I add different things like mint chips to my chocolate chip cookies to create a minty chocolate treat. Yeah, I know you are thinking I’m an animal....not.

I also like to experiment with different things in my brownies and I like to put candies on top of my cakes. Otherwise, I go strictly by the recipe.

It’s okay. I know where my true talent lies. There’s no point in pretending I’m a baker when I am not. But, I do love to try, and to go specifically by the recipe.

Baking is an easy way of showing others you care while spreading Christmas cheer throughout your circle of friends.

There’s tons of things to bake from cookies for Santa and cakes for Christmas dinner dessert to candies and pies for your family’s delight.

Christmas is the one time of year it’s okay to whip up your favorite recipes without feeling guilty, but if you feel like you might eat too much, give out your confections as Christmas gifts. 

In the spirit of the 12 days of Christmas, I thought I’d share with you a different cake recipes for you to try this holiday season. None of them are my own recipes. They were found or given to me.

I’ve tried the chocolate candy cane cake once. Mine didn’t turn out so well. I think I tried to get in too much of a hurry when making it.

I wanted to see if there were any bakers out there up for the challenge. It’s not a hard recipe. It was labeled as easy when I first ran across it in 2004.

I only gave myself one attempt at making it so I’m sure I can master it. After all, practice makes perfect.

You can turn these cakes into cupcakes, if you would like, but please remember to adjust the time for baking as cupcakes take less time to bake than a whole cake.

I hope this page inspires someone out there to spread the Christmas cheer by baking a cake this year.

Happy baking, and if you anyone make the chocolate candy cane cake, let me know how yours turned out.

(Melissa Cason is the staff writer for the Advance Monticellonian. She can be reached at reporter@monticellonews.net.)

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