This week I put my first year as a soccer coach in the books

Well I can happily say that we have survived another busy ball season.

Instead of ‘no more school, no more books, no more teacher’s dirty looks’, I’m yelling “no more soccer, no more baseball, no more football!”

Yes I know it doesn’t rhyme but everything in life shouldn’t have to rhyme. I’m celebrating a few months of sweet freedom.

For the first time since August, I don’t have to be at a practice, game or some kind of parent meeting! I am very excited about it.

While I am having my little celebration, I must say I am a little sad to see Gavin’s soccer season end. This year, I was the coach and I had so much fun coaching those little 3-year olds.

At the beginning I thought I’d never learn their names, but by the time the last goal was made, I knew them all by heart.

As with any coach, I want the best for our little ones, and while I’m glad to get a little time to rest, I will miss giving all seven of my team members high fives and hugs for a job well done.

I have to admit I knew very little about soccer when I started the season. Honestly, I don’t know much more than when we started the season. But, I did learn the best way to deal with seven 3-year-olds is to make it fun for them. And, that’s what I tried to do.

My kids and I were using our arms to pretend to be airplanes during the beginning of the season to keep them from using their hands to get the ball.

I have to admit there were times that even my little Gavin was caught grabbing the ball with his hands, and of course, no one will ever forget when he decided to make his goals on the wrong side of the field at times. I  guess  he wanted to score so he was going to do it one way or the other. It was just too funny.

Of course, the parents and I made sure there was a snack after every game….and sometimes there were extra surprises like bubbles and fun bags. I have to say our season was not short of super fun for me. I hope they feel the same way.

I can’t wait to wear the coach’s whistle next year. I’m definitely going to be giving this coaching thing another shot as Gavin moves into the 4-year-old league.

On top of having a great season, Saturday was the Monticello Youth Soccer Association’s Fun Day. My kids seemed to really enjoy the inflatables the association brought to the field for them to play on for free. It was a nice day. They got their medals along with the other teams and their season was celebrated.

Comparing last season’s fun day to this year’s, I have to say last season’s seemed a little more “grand.” I felt like the kids got more last year, but honestly the kids didn’t seem to care.

We are having our season ending party this weekend, and I am very excited about it.

I had planned to have it this past Sunday afternoon, but decided to change it because I was going to have to work that day.

We are going to have a party with pizza, cupcakes, soda and special surprises for my team. As you can probably tell, I’m very excited.

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