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Sean Tumlison wants to be a positive role model for Monticello’s youth.

“I’ve always wanted to work with younger kids even when I was a teenager,” he said.

He is also active in his church, where he has taught Sunday School to the third and fourth grade students for the last 13 years.

“My wife (Lee Ann) and I lead the class,” he said. “I teach and she’s the disciplinarian.”

He said that every student he’s ever taught over the years got saved and baptized within a year of being in their class.

“It may not be because of anything I’ve done, but all of the students we have had have been saved,” Tumlison said. “I keep track of them because I care what they are doing and how they are growing.” 

Tumlison said he is proud of his commitment to his church and the youth in the Monticello community.

As for his commitment to the community, Tumlison is very active in youth sports including coaching peewee football, coaching softball, helping with the Marlins swim team, and serving on the Monticello Cal Ripken board.

“If it’s a youth activity in Monticello, I’m probably involved in some area,” he said.

Tumlison said one of his team rules as a coach is that every player must lead the team prayer at least once per season. He said he prays at each game and practice to bring the word of God to his players.

He said there are too many young boys and girls without a positive male role model in their lives.

“Every child deserves a positive male role model,” Tumilson said. “If I can fill those shoes even, if it’s just for a little while, I’ll be there. That’s awesome to me. I’d jump at any opportunity.”

Sean and Lee Ann have three children: Zachary, 14; Madeline, 11; and Olivia, 8.

While Tumilson’s activities keep him busy, he continues to serve the community through his job as a salesman at Ryburn Automotive.

Ryburn’s entire sales staff works with other community members to help those in need throughout the year. The sales staff takes a portion of their commission from each vehicle they sell and place it in a fund for different community service projects such as helping with the Junior Auxiliary Christmas toy drive and helping area families with basic needs such as food and clothing.

Tumlison isn’t the only staff member at Ryburn to volunteer their time to help with youth sports and activities in the community.

He said the staff feels very strongly about investing time and money in the youth, which is why so many employees are involved with youth sports.

“We want to give our youth something positive to do. That’s why sports are so important,” he concluded.

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